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Anxiety free for nearly 2 months


I posted a few months ago regarding anxiety and cbd oil after joining a group on facebook and hearing great things. I have been taking cbd oil for aeound 2 months now and i honestly cannot get over the difference! I literally have not had any anxiety at all, my anxiety was quite literally daily for the past 6 months or so and before that it would come and go. I had health anxiety and genaralised anxiety. I just wanted to share on here and urge people suffering to try it. I never thought i was depressed and was never diagnosed with this but my general outlook towards life, work and my marriage has made me realise i probably did have depression before. It's worth a try if you ask me and i really hope this post helps some of you out 😊

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Hello, what is CBD oils?

Olwen1990 in reply to Capri31

Cbd oil comes from the cannabis plant, it has no thc in it so you don't get the feeling of getting high while taking it. It's legal in the UK but not sure about other countries. Its used for a huge range of illnesses.

Capri31 in reply to Olwen1990

Thank you

Azmom82 in reply to Olwen1990

Do you use a certain brand?

Olwen1990 in reply to Azmom82

Yeah i use cbd brothers

Hi Olwen1990, that really is a result and maybe we should all be trying CBD oil which I believe is made from cannabis but with the psychactive element removed. Where do you get it from? Do keep us up to speed with how you progress.

My understanding is that anxiety disorders of all kinds are caused by our nervous systems becoming over sensitised due to stress and worry. Recovery depends on getting our nerves to lose this over sensitivity. Meds can mask it, therapy can help us recover by altering our view of the world and self help books can teach us how to stop frightening ourselves to death all the time thereby maintaining the nervous sensitivity.

It would be interesting to know how CBD oil actually pacifies over sensitised nerves and what happens when you stop taking it or is it for life.

Olwen1990 in reply to Jeff1943

That would be interesting to find out, im going to go looking online for info regarding that. Yes there is no thc in cbd oilso you don't get any of the psychoactive effects. My mum actually got the one im taking just now as she seen how bad i was getting. I know you can get it in holland and barrett (uk health store) but it seminally isn't very strong. There are alot of cbd support groups on facebook and the people on there are great and very knowledgeable so they would be able to point people in the right direction. I have seen the name cbd brothers come up on the group but they have such a huge range of cbd oils that i wouldn't know what to recommend to anyone. Personally i will take cbd oil for life, it has alot of other health properties so i couldn't say or not if my anxiety would come back if i stopped using it, and i wouldn't want to try it to find out. I will add i've had crazy dreams while taking it which have died down a bit lol. You have to start off slow and then work up your dose as we all have a cannibinoid system in our body which we need to "wake up" i started at 2 drops in the morning and then 2 drops in morning and at night but i havent upped my dose as i feel its working great for me so i don't need anymore.

Jeff1943 in reply to Olwen1990

Thank you for that Olwen 1990, I have learnt something today.

Capri31 in reply to Jeff1943

I have a question....can THC (edibles or smoked) if taking too much, can it cause panic attacks and symptoms?????

Olwen1990 in reply to Capri31

Yes! I tried some when i was in Amsterdam last year and had the worst panic attack ive ever had! Whilst also having a giggle fit, weirdest and worst experience of my life. I knoe people whp take it for anxiety and it helps them but if u take too much its not a very noce feeling

Capri31 in reply to Olwen1990

Yeah this is how my panic attacks all started. I smoked and ate edibles in the past before but I think this time I consume too much. I had my first panic attack while high two months ago and now the symptoms won’t go away. I pray it past because I’m over feeling like this 😢😢. Thanks for responding.

HelloPanda23 in reply to Capri31

You're not alone lol, redbull straight up ruined my life for this past month. My first drink of it, and my anxiety hasn't going away for a straight month. I'm learning to relax and cope with it, but sometimes I deal with panic attacks. I'm used to them though, and so I'm starting to feel much calmer than the usual. If your issue is a fear of panic attacks, I advise you search up how to get rid of agoraphobia, and if you have a panic disorder, learn to cope with it and I think it'll fade away.

I wonder if it is ok to take if you are already on quite a few meds.

I don't take any other meds but on cbd support groups i am on it says that you need to leave a 2 hour gap between taking any medication and cbd oil, my aunt takes it for muscle pain however and takes other medsbut doesnt leave a gap in between, she hasnt had an issue but to be safe i would leave a gap as recommended

I'm wondering the same thing

Glad it works for you. I tried it but it did not help me with anxiety.

Olwen1990 in reply to Starrlight

Maybe try a lower dosage? I did read that oils that are high dosage can sometimes make anxiety worse so im on a pretty light one

What is your dosage ?

Im on 250mg and take two drops in the morning and two at night, you have to start of at one drop morning and night until you have worked upto 5 drops but as 2 drops a day is working wonders for me i havent moved up any further

Looking at the side effects of this oil surprises me because apparently, the side effects aren't as bad as many of the medications I have seen. I don't plan on ever taking meds for my anxiety, and I'd rather work to get rid of it by myself. It can have bad days, but the good ones make it worth the time in the long run.

The only side effects i experienced was a slight headache for the first 2/3 days but that is seminally normal and i havent had one since then

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