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In view of some of the remarks on here about the taking of drugs perhaps it may be opportune to make some comments from my own experience and that of the people I counselled. Drugs are usually for short term use only, but an extended period may be needed in some cases. Only your GP can tell you this. To say all drugs are 'poison' or will affect you in an undesirable way long term if taken short term is not true. Diazepam, for instance, are prescribed short term. Doctors know this and act accordingly. To say the Diazepam should not be taken at all is cruel and could deny patients much needed relief. For the layman to interfere in a doctors advice is dangerous. In extreme forms of mental illness drugs are the only solution to patients harming themselves. What alternatives are suggested by the anti drug lobby? The snake pit? Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater!! Of course drugs can harm you. So can the abuse of chocolate, alcohol, coffee, tobacco or a thousand other things. My advice is simple. If your GP puts you on drugs then he/she must think it necessary AT THE TIME. If taken and prescribed sensibly then go along with them. If you no longer feel the need, then tell your GP you would like to come off them. Try other therapies as well but use the drugs as you would a crutch. If taking them long term worries you talk about it to a qualified person but NEVER let anyone other than your GP tell you to stop taking them. I can understand why some GP's get frustrated when told that "My friend said they will do me harm!". For goodness sake, moderation in all things. jonathan.

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Well 3 words


whywhy x

Totally agree, Jonathan! People tend to say "i don't like putting chemicals into my body" When everything we put into our bodies are chemicals!!! And - on one never to be forgotten occasion, i totally pigged out on radishes - which i adore - and made myself really sick! :( Should i never eat another radish? Of course not! Yes, the drug companies make money - and they NEED to make money, to fund further research - i don't know the figures, but suspect that every 10 bits of research, less than 1 will lead to a "useful" drug. In 1918 influenza killed (I think) more people than were killed in the 1st WW - it wouldn't now, because of "drugs". We are, in fact, extraordinarily lucky with the range of medical interventions available to us now. I read in one book that Charles II would probably have survived his last illness, if his doctors had done nothing! :( They killed him, not the (probable) stroke he suffered!

Trust your GP. If you don't trust him/her for any reason, find another you do!




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I too agree. If your Dr thinks its necessary for you to be on any prescription drug then do what the professional says and take no notice to people who says they may harm you or putting chemicals into your body is not the answer. I did not want to go back on ssri's but for my own benefit and for relief of anxiety and panic attacks i NEEDED to go on drugs, without them i could not cope anymore and was really ill. Im feeling a lot better these days, mentally, physically is a different thing seeing iv got a chest infection and have to take more drugs, ANTI BIOTICS.

Talking therapies never worked with me, i really didnt want to go over old pastures because it made me angry and gave me nightmares again, so i thought ssri's are the only way forward.

I trust my Dr, i like her and she is really caring, which for me to trust anyone is somewhat of a miracle lol

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Very sensible, linny. And jolly good luck in your recovery. It amazes me that people would suggest that to refuse a crutch with a broken leg is the sensible thing to do. As I said yesterday, drugs, if abused, can cause problems, but taken wisely and under proper supervision, can be a godsend. Very best wishes. jonathan.

Hear Hear Jon! if you won't take the medicine be prepared to be ill for a lot longer xxxxxx

Thanku so much jonathon, a lot of people r givin me advice tellin me 2 treat wiv chamomile tea e.c.t hav asked profesionals about this alternative remedys + hav said will not do any harm but wont b strong enough 2 hlp som1 in my condition. i totally agree as i hav tried these remedys wivout sucsess. They have mild beneficial properties + people like my self who r sufferin 2 this extent r goin 2 need medical intervention. I am very unlucky + hav had an horendous time wiv all kinds of meds wiv horrific side effects but im extremly sensitive 2 meds hav bin told by professioals. But we mustnt forget that mental illness meds do save peoples lives on a daily basis. I know of this personsly as my mum wouldnt b ere if not 4 her antidepressants. We all hav 2 do wot suits r own neefs bst. Bst wishes 2 u all my friends.

Personally I don't disagree about taking prescribed medicines but for me I felt this was a last resort solution. I had heard some things about depression meds and anxiety meds and I told my GP I want to try anything else before I start "popping Pills". Over time I realised I needed anti-depressants so was prescribed some and unfortunately they came with horrendous side-effects! Considering My anxiety disorder started with Health anxiety, these side-effects just made me so much worse. On top of having panic and aniexty attacks all day I was now confused, felt faint, was vomiting........ the list goes on. I know couple people who anti-deppresants saved thier lives and changed their lives for ever. But pills/meds/drugs are not for everyone. We all have to do which suits our needs the best.

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Hi. tin. Absolutely agree. But would you agree that not everyone gets side effects, and in which case, drugs can be helpful. I don't think there is a person I know who wants to be on drugs and they want to come off as soon as they can, but with some forms of MH they are an absolute necessity. Diazepam, for instance, are only allowed to be prescribed short term but in that time can allow the patient to gather their thoughts and look for a way out. They are a must for acute agitation. Antidepressants have saved lives. I am in no way advocating the use of drugs in every case, but like any other tool they can help. I suffered for a long time because I refused drugs. Got so bad and had to take them. Result, a breathing space to get myself together, and I did with a lot of non drug help. I then went on to some good non drug therapy. BUT, I needed that break. If you feel drugs are not for you and you want to DIY then good luck to you and you may well succeed. Many have. But a lot of sufferers need them and combined with good therapy, they can be very useful. But the patient must be looking for other ways than drugs so that they can come off them as soon as possible. They are a crutch to get you over the broken leg. Throw them away when the leg recovers. Many thanks for the interesting post. Best wishes. jonathan.

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Yes definiftely, I know lots of people don't get any side-effects. I have had GAD and depression on and off for at least 5 years and im only 24. I get through my episodes by going back and getting help again from my therapist. Im most certainly not DIYing it! I get through it by remembering and knowing it will pass and also concentrating on why it may have returned. I know I have been very fortunate with some of the medical help I have recieved, and know I would have had to have medication if those services weren't available. Once again its just a simple case of doing whats right for you. Im not against them at all, if I did get bad again especially with depression then I would probably think about trying again.Im pleased they helped you get through :) Best wishes

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Personally I would like to stay on them forever cause I don't want to go back to how I was. I refused them for a long time too and managed to get better last episode with St. John's wart but hit harder this time and needed something stronger. Why would I worry about what harm drugs are doing me anymore when I wanted to harm myself anyway. It did very much feel like crossing the line and admitting I had a problem tho but as the doctor said I must already realise this if taking st Johns wort and its a less effective medicine. If the doctor prescribed some other life saving or quality of life saving drug for a "proper" medical illness I probably wouldn't hesitate. Especially pain killers. They are just a different type of pain killer and worth a try if your suffering. Much love and thanx for thoughts.

Well said Jon x

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