Endoscopy process details

Hello. I don't know if this has been discussed before but I'm sure many people would want to know more about this.

The question: How does the process of endoscopy feel? And has it been conclusive for you or is it just another process that causes mental/physical agony but doesn't help in definitive diagnosis.

Ulcers and stomach issues due to anxiety have brought discussions about this process to the fore. Would appreciate advice and necessary details.


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8 Replies

  • i have had a two endoscopies and opted both times for sedation-didnt know anything about it and received definite diagnoses.there is an option to have a throat spray which my friend had because she was driving herself home.

  • Okay. Thanks for the response

  • I've had several and never been given a choice about being awake or not. I was asleep for all of them. No after effects though.

  • Thanks for the information. Much appreciated definitely.

  • Hi faith-over-fear

    I've had 1 endoscopy with conclusive result and also 1 for removal of gallstone. Both with sedation. Remember nothing about 1st, unfortunately remember removal of tubes etc with 2nd, but that took longer than they anticipated so probably not the norm.

    My nurse for the first questioned why I thought I needed sedation . On telling her I'd been advised it was very unpleasant without sedation, she wasn't impressed. However,having experienced the little bit of memory of the second I certainly would have sedation. All I remember from the first was the injections into the back of my hand.

  • Okay. Thanks for the information. Hope you are doing well now. I think most people have gone for sedation only.

  • hi emerich

    never heard of gallstones being removed by endoscopy,when i had mine they went in through the abdomen.- laparoscopy

  • I had both, could only get 1 with endoscopy, then had laparoscopy for other stones and gallbladder removal

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