Scared of schizophrenia ??? please help

Im a 17 year old girl and am really scared i have Schizophrenia as a couple of years ago at some point I thought people could hear what I was thinking, these phases passed and I didn't really believe at the time and I defiantly don't believe in them now? I also used to think I was going to discover that I had superpowers or something when i was older? these thoughts happened around when I was 13-15 and I do not have them now do you think it could schizophrenia? The reason I am so worried is because I'm pretty sure i have health anxiety last week i was sure i had MS :((

But the symptoms of schizophrenia seem to fit me so well because i am constantly dizzy my muscles twitch all the time and i have derealisation 24/7 and also have a hard time concentrating... Please tell me what i have is just health anxiety???


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