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Bad start to the day

I've just gone a few days of feeling myself and not being particularly anxious I went to the doctors 3 days back to chat to him explaining about my panic attacks and anxiety (my usual cause is thinking I'm ill, dying or that I'll have a heart attack during my panic attacks) he asked me what I have been prescribed before so I told him I had cetalopram and it seemed to help out and I'm literally on my 3rd day of feeling positive and I've woke up feeling absolutely exhausted, no energy, chest is tight and funny feeling in it which is causing me to have a panic attack I'm not sure if it's my medication or the fact my sleeping pattern is so bad because of my anxiety I'm not sure but it's so horrible I was naive and though "oh nice 3 days without any dramas I might be able to hold this out" and it's back. I wish I knew I wasn't crazy, nobody knows these things about me none of my friends so I feel alone and worried and my girlfriend can only do so much plus I can see it getting to her more and more.

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I understand - I had about 4 good days of feeling back to normal then woke up the other day having major anxiety - talked to my therapist today and she increased my medicine so I'm hoping that helps - I have recently opened up to my friends and family and husband about what I'm going through and it has helped - keep hanging in there! Hope it gets better!


Thanks for the reply Gmomt, perhaps i should consider taking a page out your book and perhaps mentioning it to my best mate because then atleast he will understand why im so lousy at meeting up as much as we used to lol. Thank you, you too, take care of yourself and i hope your cure comes soon :)

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