I underestimated anxiety until it got me

i have had Tourette Syndrome ADHD OCD Sensory issues since a very young age i was never afraid of anything

anxiety was something i always thought exaggerated

after changes in my conditions and losing my job anxiety started to build

the hardest thing was that their was no reason for it but i worked out it was a combination of suppressing my conditions and trying to carry on with living best i could

I had come to a point where i was told i was not allowed to try anymore meds for any of my conditions because the way im wired they either dont work or have an adverse effect

anxiety was starting to hold me back and causing physical pain

with no other option i managed to get hold of a small amount of medicinal cannabis oil and tried 3 drops under my tongue

after 5 minutes i felt nothing no high no tiredness nothing but i also felt no anxiety as it seemed to just drift from my chest

i spoke to my Neuro and GP they agreed this is what i need and that if they could they would prescribe it but its not legal in the UK

however there is Sativex and every route we tried we got told i was not allowed to have it prescribed not even on a medical trial

So to conclude i have no meds available to treat me and the only legal version that works i cant have because i dont have the right condition

i wont use any other type of cannabis because it can be quite harmful long term

I wonder who else has come to this point and now how we go forward to get our voices heard as the groups who say they lobby for medical cannabis dont seem to be doing much and if people with MS managed to get it why cant we and maybe the decision should be with the medical profession and not politicians


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