Is it anxiety??

As from my last post about being post natal after my c section

I feel like my nerves are coming out of my body, like starting in my neck and in my spine going right down to my ankles, can only describe it as a burning sensation

I've had to take a higher dose beater blocker to try and numb it out

Is this anxiety do you think? Or am I clutching at straws thinking it is when in fact the hospital have damaged my nerves from. The spinal op like I first thought



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5 Replies

  • This can be anxiety. But sometimes post-op you get some strange sensations. So if I were you, I'd make sure to tell my doctor about them, have he/she document the strange sensations, and nursing as well, do it for yourself and continue to do it every now and then.

    Now wait for a few months and note your condition. It took many months, almost a year I believe, for my Dad to get complete function of his urination and so forth post lower back surgery. He had given up before he got full function back so he was surprised when his body did function again

  • Thanks, I'm fed up. Of telling doctors how I feel I've been hospitalised twice since c section it's 8 weeks and o better, constantly feel sick & dizzy (hence people saying it's anxiety too) as I'm crying all the time as I feel sobsibbsd

    Im trying to self diagnose which is so wrong,,the professionals don't know what's wrong so how am I supposed to know

    I just feel so robbed of life 😓

  • Did you receive spinal anesthesia? That could have hit some nerve(s) or something it shouldn't have. This must be so hard on you. I'm glad you have the hospitalizations because that means your complaints are being taken seriously, even though they aren't able to solve your problem yet. I pray that they will resolve it before too long.

  • It's like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall I'm telling the drs all the same thing but still got no diagnosis

  • Frustrating, isn't it?

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