Is it anxiety

5 weeks ago my dad was taken in hospital we found out he had terminal cancer he passed away within 3weeks, im not coping with his death, im a bag of nerves constantly panicking about my own health and my children's, the tension in my neck is unreal its agony my saliva in my mouth is either too much or not enough, every ache pain I think its something serious hate feeling the way I do, I don't want to leave the house incase I have a panic attack but I don't want to be in the house alone either, I just want to be me


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  • annharford, I am so very sorry about the passing of your father. That had to be devastating for your family. You have to know that what you are experiencing is high anxiety. Your anxiety is feeding into your symptoms causing panic. Everyone reacts to loss in a different way. You need to give yourself some time and space to grieve and to adjust to the loss. When at home work on relaxation and deep breathing which will prepare you in leaving your house as well as being home alone. Controlling anxiety/panic is not about reacting when it happens but actively practicing every day in order for your body and mind to stop the thought before it takes hold. Once you feel confident in yourself, you will be easily able to handle the stress. My condolences to you, please take care of yourself.

  • thank you xx

  • annharford

    So so sorry about your loss, I too experienced the same when I lost my mum in almost identical circumstances a few years ago, it sent my anxious mind through the roof, I couldn't settle or stop the worrying n frightening thoughts, I felt vulnerable n scared, but as time passed things became easier, I went to my gp and had counselling too, I found it helpful at the time and it helped me put things in perspective alittle, please try not to despair, I understand perfectly how you must be feeling, anxiety is the last thing you need when your grieving, consider seeing your doctor for guidance/support, know that your not alone with your fears, you'll get through this and be a stronger person, big hugs n caring thoughts to you n your family,


    Keep talking, it does help and there's plenty of caring folks here xxx

  • I'm so very sorry to hear about your Dad

    You are in shock its perfectly natural and will pass in time It's bound to make you panic about yours and your childrens health

    Be kind to yourself and take each day at a time don't rush it Its very early days

    Grief is different for everyone this is the reaction its having on you

    Take good care of yourself

  • Ah bless u sorry about your dad I lost both my parents it does get easy believe me I suffer from panic attacks keep strong x

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I can understand how you would get anxiety after that. You're focusing all your thoughts in the wrong places. Anxiety comes from repetitive negative thoughts. Think about how you ARE healthy, and your children ARE healthy. Think on good things and decide that no negativity has a place in your mind. I promise you will overcome by replacing those thoughts with good thoughts. Praying for you 😊

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