Anyone else ever take Zoloft?

Anyone else ever take Zoloft?

I took Zoloft several years back and it seemed to really help me with my anxiety and panic attacks. I got off of it and switched to wellbutrin because I thought maybe the Zoloft caused me to gain weight. I then got pregnant about a month later and had to quit taking the wellbutrin. I seemed to be able to manage my anxiety for the most part during my pregnancy only having a few episodes of anxiety but a several months after I had my baby and quit breastfeeding my anxiety came back and this time it was and has been worse than ever. I get sick to my stomach about every day and get dizzy and light headed. I've always been told it is just anxiety and that I am healthy. Recently I have been going to talk with a therapist which has helped some. I also recently just saw the physchologist and she prescribed me back on Zoloft 50 mg. I've been taking it for about two weeks now and I'm not sure if it has made too much of a difference. Anyone else ever been on it? If so how long did it take to help you? I just want my life back and to be able to not have to fake my smile.


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  • I took Zoloft for a few years and went off of it. For me, it made me feel disconnected and like I was on a cloud rather than feeling normal. Each RX works differently from person to person. When I talked with my new doctor, he told me that Zoloft increased my tiredness as well as caused me to have insomnia. I've been taking Prozac for a while now and it has been a great improvement on my anxiety. With Zoloft, I'd still have panic attacks. Since I've been using Prozac, I haven't had any. It just depends on how your body handles the RX. Be sure to talk to your doctor about different medication options. If something isn't effective for you, you need to let them know. I hope things work out. :)

  • Hi Leighakay, I agree with missdaynelson, each person is different in how their medication works for them. Although any SSRI will take from 4-6 weeks to reach full efficacy dose. I happen to be on Lexapro and for me it works. Keep an open mind regarding meds and trust that your doctor will put you on the medication needed. Feel better and let's get that fake smile to turn into a real one. :)

  • Yes I too had minimal problems when I was pregnant I think it has something to with all the added hormones during pregnancy. After giving birth to my daughter my anxiety got worse. I had a miscarriage 2 years later and my anxiety was out of control. I was on lexapro and it helped a lot. However it is no longer working for me and my pdoc is weaning me off and also starting me on Zoloft. I am on 75mg from 25mg and am titrating up to 150mg. My pdoc said the therapeutic dose for anxiety on Zoloft is between 150-200mg so maybe you will need to adjust your dose. It does take a good 6-8 weeks to feel the full effects so hang in there. You are definitely not alone.

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