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Over it!!!


Hi my names Dylan and my life has always been a pretty big struggle from depression to anxiety and abits of paranoia but i was still going okay that change six years ago the symptoms started headaches, vision changes, feeling tired, hard to focus i went and got a CT scan and it was all good next i started finding myself feel very weak from time to time it was really hard just to go to school focusing pretty much impossible when i left school i spent one and half years work on and off i started not be able to sleep which made me weaker and more depression and stressed out i was getting worse but i got a job which was really full on and i could only handle it for a year before it was to much next the stomich problems started on and off sleeping problems i would sleep all day and stay up all night everything i try to sleep at night and being awake at night but i just couldn't sleep different symptoms appeared all the time nothing i did helped a few months ago i go so weak i just sit there for three months bearly eat a thing finding it hard yo breath or moving i would bearly understand anything and then when i didnt think anything could get worse i had parsal seizure

Over the year ive had like ten blood test,CT,MRI,urine simple,stool simple many different heart checks and now is seeing neurologist

The symptoms ive headaches, shortness breathe, sleeping problems,rapid heart rate, dizziness, feel hot and cold, flu like symptoms, sweating,infection, pain all over body,slurring off words,confusion light dullness,light sensitivity,hard to focus,blurry vision, stomich pain, extreme fatigue, feeling weird, room spinning, head spasms, shaking hand; parshal seizures, numbness, burning sensation, eye flickering, feeling doped out, feeling high, eye pain,itchiness sore throat, pain where glands are, eyes feeling swollen,throat feeling swollen, stomich feeling swollen, burning eyes, eye swell up when i cry the list goes on

I get new symptoms the just pop up and same go away but most stay im so over it my life is ruined because off this and i wish it would just end i know wont

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Dillza, That's quite a list of symptoms. There are a lot that stand out as anxiety but several that sound like there is another health issue you are having. Do you have seizures? The neurologist is the best person to ask what is causing all the symptoms you get. Also how the doctor choses to address the severe symptoms (the ones of concern)...

dillza in reply to Agora1

Yeah anxiety and depression have alot to do with it. But both have been shown to led to other conditions. But in sayings that im not sure. ill ever know what is going on. Mental health is such a life ruiner

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