Anxiety can it be this bad

I suffer badly with H.A recently I started getting a weak shaky feeling in left arm and leg. They are not actually weak just feel odd. Hard to discribe. I feel tired, lightheaded and just plain tired. I get neck pain

Also. I am so scared does anyone else get this weak shaky feeling just on one side. I know anxiety can make all limbs feel odd but I am worried it is just one side.

Thinking the worst if anyone can help please.



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  • I've had health anxiety off and on for 20 years now and you would never believe the number of things I've found/discovered/had!

    Weak limbs - yup - had it.

    The problem is we with HA are so much more sensitive to our bodies than 'normal' people who just shrug the 'funny feeling' off or think 'oh that was weird' and get on with their lives.

  • Tks so much for replying. Have you ever experienced weak limbs on just one side. This is my worry


  • Yes. I remember I used to get a weak left leg. Worried the hell out of me for a while until some other health thing took over.

    Funnily enough after I stopped thinking about it all the time I noticed one day it had gone!

  • God bless you, you have made me feel, so much better. This anxiety has taken over my life. I have had it under control mostly for years but lately it has been one symptom after another I am so worn out.

    So again thank you


  • Yes! I've had this. Right now I'm having tremors in the back of my neck when I wake up and move. Only last a minute. Terrifies me! I also tremble all over. Sometimes my left arm, sometimes my legs, etc. It's taking over my life! I get a pins and needles feeling in my scalp. I even get a vibrating sensation. I have neck and back pain and just don't feel well. I've had diziness like crazy. I have perceived weakness in one leg. The list goes on! I have looked up every terrible thing I could online and am thinking the worst. Doctor said its anxiety and so did my psychologist. I even had brain mapping done that shows severe anxiety - ptsd and OCD. So though I have proof, I'm still shaking and thinking the worst. I'm sorry you're going through this too. It's horrible!

  • Anxiety will def do this to you. When I first experienced my attack, my left arm was feeling weird, a bit numb / weak. I know it's easier said then sins but try not to worry about it, accept that it's just anxiety, nothing is physically wrong with you and it will pass. You will get through this. Best of luck.

  • i also get weak achy left arm and leg altho when i test the strenght of my left and right my partner says there the same, but it feels weaker, anxiety can cause alot of symptoms, but from what ive experienced with HA, after you settle your mind with on symptom another one comes to take its place, its a vicious circle and feels never ending which explains why we always feel so worn out, we never get a break, dnt be alarmed by your symptoms instead try and think how your anxiety has made them pop up, some times if i read symptoms i end up experiencing them ect, if some one tells me they feel a certain way, i end up feeling that way, we jus sensitive little souls xx

  • Tks eyeryone it does help to know I am not alone. Have been through a rough time over last 2 years and just want some normality. Do you also suffer lightheadeness and a sort of foggy head. I shake with fear at times.

    I dont tolerate meds well so am worried about antidepressants.

    Just feel so down and desperate hard for others to understand


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