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Hi it's been awhile . I just took a week off from work , annual leave as work was really getting to me , stressed, snapping and just feeling like crap . That week off not once did my heart race , feel anxious and no panic attacks . Went back to work today and I felt sick , light headed , heart rate was up , vision blurry , couldn't concentrate and was thinking Nd felt something bad was going to happen to me . Aaarrrh why why why . Shit I'm over it all .

Does anyone else get like this ??



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  • Hi Jodz, is it your job that causes you anxiety? Sounds like it is from what you say!! Perhaps time for a change do you think?

  • Hi I'm thinking it's the job in a certain way , being in an office 5 days a week , def not me . Yes and there is changes coming so will be interesting how I feel . THANKYOU

  • I have the same issues. After months of worry, I can conclude... not with full certainty, that my symptoms are a result of my daily environment. My body just doesn't want to be here. I handed my notice in on Monday.

  • Good for u moving on . As I said above there are changes happening so will be interesting how I'm feeling .

    So are all my symptoms just anxiety . As I'm writing this I'm feeling really sick getting ready for work . Also feel really weird in the head 😫😫😫


  • Hi Jodz, it has been a while. Well if it proved anything to you, it proved what stress can do to our bodies. I'm glad you had that week of reprieve. Now's the time to work on ridding yourself of the symptoms when you are at work. Your mind and body apparently liked the peace and calm of being home. Now you have to find a way that works for you to find that inner peace at work. It can be done. Don't have a negative attitude or it will fight you all the way. Practice at home at night and on weekends in how to control your stress levels. Practice does make perfect. When at work, use those tools. Little by little you will find less symptoms and more control. Good Luck Jodz. x

  • Agora 1 love your advice . Just need to tell you about today . Woke feeling sick and the strangest head feeling ever , to the point I thought I was going to have some type of turn ?? Went to work still feeling sick then had a constant pain above my left temple , couldn't focus the best and just felt really really strange . Thinking a stroke is going to hit anytime ☹️️ Forced some lunch into me and ended up taking a Kalma tablet as I just could not concentrate or focus one bit . It took about 2 half hours until I started to feel a little better . But god it was scary ,hate this . I do realise I have to think positive etc but my god it's hard . But THANKYOU .

    All that I just spoke about is that def anxiety ??

  • Your symptoms sound like anxiety but I'm no doc. I've mainly been feeling lots of weird head sensations, like a disorientation/dizziness, like I'm not fully there. I too had stomach issues last week. As agora1 says, I think the path to lowering anxiety is looking after yourself. During the last few years I've been in a permanent state of distraction. When I have had the odd moment to reflect, the lure of Netflix/smartphone has been too tempting. We must pay attention to ourselves, grow into ourselves however challenging that can be. I describe anxiety as a loss of control of oneself, the antidote to this is becoming friends with yourself. Loving yourself. Caring for yourself like you would your child. We all experience it differently, but I think we all know why we feel anxious, we're often too scared acknowledge it. If your intuition can't give you answers, meditate. Meditation is the key to self-knowledge and grounded consciousness - the opposite of anxiety. Good luck on your path. Im just starting

  • Thanx Mafkhi43 , I do try lots of things . But meditation is not fir me as I have tried lots but just can't switch the mind off , constant thoughts that are bad also I'm to impatient to mediate . I just can't seem to beat this bloody Devil that just keeps appearing . Over it !!!!

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