Cannot pin point what is wrong! Help!

Hi, i'm 23 years old and for the past 4/5 ive just felt well and truly under the weather, whilst i was working i was suffering some weird lightheaded feelings and some weird tingling in my arm.

A month ago at work i had my first panic attack and it started in my arm with a weird tingly sensation and lightheaded feeling, so i put it down to this and sat down for abit.

The next day i had some chest pains at work and continued on with my day.

The next morning i tried for a drs app and failed, went back to sleep and woke up and hour later with a racing heart, left arm numbness and feeling unwell, i called 111 who sent someone to check me over and all the tests they do i.e ecg, blood. Came back all fine, eventually it subsided.

The next day i woke up feeling like i was going to pass out and be sick. Tried the drs and nothing and continued to feel really ill for another hour, as it wasnt going away i called 111 again who got someone to come check me over with ecgs etc again and he took me to the hospital to get checked again who then said it was fine and think the pain and numbness in my left arm was a trapped nerve.

I then finally went to drs the next day who thinks i have anxiety, so ive been wondering if thats the case for a little while but these last few days have been worse than ever, i havent had a panic attack in 2 days, but i have had a really upset stomach, ive lost 9 pounds since this started, i feel light headed, my left leg feels weak and numb, i feel like i cannot fully breath in well, my face swelled up underneath my chin for a day and i keep getting tight jaws, my face keeps burning up and going red but i keep shaking uncontrollably as if i'm cold, i urinate more frequently and most of all i cannot sleep, everytime i try to sleep i wake up in a panic, thinking something is wrong and my arm hurts enough as it is.

I'm really worried there is something else going on as i just feel so unwell :(

I keep thinking the worst like ms or something along those lines and then my body seems to scare me with the symptoms.

I dunno what to do other than goto the frs and ask for more tests?


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  • Definitely think you should follow up with the doctors or get a second opinion.

  • Id deffo go back to go back to gp, I've not experienced these symptoms with my anxiety. Insist you want a full medical. I wish you well xx Mandy 😊

  • Hi this is me to a tee but for me I wanted to open my bowels alot but felt constipated. I've woke up with heart racing had tingling in fingers and feet I've had pains in my face. At the moment I'm get like a silent reflux which worrys me but so does every niggle I get. I'm 60 percent sure mine is due to stress and anxiety but I'm not ruling things out. Do u worry alot? Oh and ive also lost 7lb in a space of two weeks but maintaining now by making sure I eat everyday. Anxiety can cause alot of symptoms and it can make you really ill the more you think about it the worse it gets. I would still have a check over with your doctor to put your mind at rest. Sorry its so long hope u feel better soon x

  • Hi, I had similar symptom to you to the point I lost my job. And went to the er several times and no one found anything, I went to a regular doctor and didn't do any test because usually for our age nothing bad happens. So I stopped thinking about it and got my mind distracted and it went away sometimes when I am doing nothing or someone reminds me of it, it comes Back. What I usually do is take a break go out and like start doing thigs you like. To see if the anxiety goes away.

  • Hi, I've had the weight loss, hot and cold flushes, waking in a panic, tingling in my extremities and they've all been related to anxiety. By all means go get checked by your gp, but when they've done testing, and hopefully discovered your issue is indeed anxiety, please make sure you accept whatever help is available. It does get better, hang in there:-)

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