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Does anyone feel dizziness from suffering with anxiety

Was diagnosed with vertigo after having my baby but I'm not sure if it's anxiety

I'm suffering with depression this I know and now started antripiyline tablets

I felt like this for 11 weeks since having him ; I've had MRI ct scans etc nothing diagnosed thankfully

But I don't think it's vertigo for some reason, I feel stressed all the time and crying

Seeing a councillor on Tuesday

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I do. Started while pregnant and stll have it. Almost 3 years later


Yes i have dizziness everyday due to anxiety. Some days are better than others but this is a definite symptom of anxiety.


Hi sweetie, your having a rotten time arnt you, the main thing is they are looking into for you and your hormones are probably all over the place and you've got a lot going on so it's hard to say for definite it is the anxiety or hormone like to make a suggestion to you, at my worst times with anxiety and depression I discovered hypnotherapy apps. I used Glenn harolds heal your body and an anxiety app. Both free apps. I listened everyday as often as I could. I know you have a young baby to look after but try find a bit of time to do it. It's horrible for you i know but you will get over this with help and support. Good luck on Tuesday 💜


Thanks, I just don't think I'm getting much help

Yes I'm seeing a councillor on Tuesday but the meds aren't doing a single thing

I'm shaking inside with nerves constantly

I think postnatal depression has set in big time now 😢


Hi sweetie. As a mother of four. Big girls now. I have been through panic anxiety. And many other life experiences that could have me 6 feet under by now. First things first. You are loved. Your perfect father in heaven will heal this. You will be ok. In the name of Jesus who is the great counselor. There is no better remedy. I will stand in faith for you. And keep you and that precious baby in my prayers. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life. I recommend this. Try to find little ways to help others. I had to take the focus off myself during my anxiety. Dizzy spells and feeling of fainting. You are not alone my love. Every time I looked for ways to reach out to others. My head cleared. Try it. And keep praying. As you reach out in relationship w God. He will reach out to you. Amen


I wish he would heal me I've asked

But nothing


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