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Every muscle hurts, I hold myself rigid!

Hi Everyone,

As my title I seem to hold my body rigid without even realising it. And I think consequently that's why all my muscles hurt. My jaw, Neck,back,arms ,legs and even the bottoms of my feet.

Every day I hurt, it makes me tired,dizzy and sick. I have had every test , including a brain scan. So it must be me.

I have a lot of things stressing me out and am trying to work through that.

Does anyone else suffer like this, have you found anything that helps? Painkillers don't touch it and drugs like amitrypiline, just space me out.

I would be so grateful for any help. Thank you Jx

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I used to get stiffness in neck, shoulders, back and chest. I started to do gentle stretches which really did help a lot. Now I'm free of all of the stiffness. You can find videos on YouTube for stretching, it might be worth a try?


Thank you, I will take a look and make an effort.

I have tried before, but it hurt so much. I suppose you have to start with a little and persevere.

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Yes, have a go at it. :)


Hi Funkyfaerie, there isn't one part of my body that doesn't hurt because of holding myself rigid. You're right in that we don't always realize we are never truly at ease. I agree that painkillers don't touch it as well as amitriptyline made me spaced out as well.

It's not only muscles involved but soft tissue and that's why meds don't work. I have always had trouble with gentle stretching exercises or tense and release therapy. For me, heat is what works best along with meditation and deep breathing. It brings a calm over me that gives me an inner peace. I hope you find what works best for you. x


Thanks Agora.

You mention soft tissue, I guess I never thought about that. I feel like I am internally shaking and that makes me feel nauseous and strangely out of control. Some dayds I am not so bad, but others I panic which makes it worse.

I also, along with it seem to hold my breath sometimes..part of the tension I suppose. But sometimes this makes my heart flutter a bit and makes me light headed. I would think my heart is going "breath you idiot" and jolting me to take a breath.

Living with this every day is tiring and I don't know why now. I have packed up working, had every test just seems to be me.

I know what you mean about the stretching , for some reason it's hard, maybe cos it hurts. I try and spend all night with my mouth open(very fetching :-) I'll have a look at meditation on line or yoga.

Stupid I know but deep down I still think there must be something wrong with me, nobody can feel this bad for so 'll g for nothing...

Thanks for reading! Jxx

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Funkyfaerie, I hope you do find something that works for you. Each one of us is different in how we respond. As for holding our breathe, I am guilty of that myself. I catch myself doing it especially when going up steps or sweeping. It shows that anxiety is always there on our shoulder. Good Luck with meditation and/or yoga. Meditation and deep breathing again are the key for relaxation for me. Take care. x


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