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I seem to suffer from every thing

Hello this is my first blog so I may make a complete mess up.

I have joined because for many years I looked after my disabled Mum.

Since she died 6 months ago I have become aware of my own mortality and now imagine I have every illness under the sun.I think I am going to have a heart attack,or I've got a brain tumour or else I've got cancer,

What I'm really seeking is to find out if there are any other people like me out there and if so can you offer any advice please.

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Firstly you have not made a big mess of your blog & don't worry you cant ever do that as all we do is say how we feel when we blog , so please don't worry

You have explained yourself very well

I am sorry for the loss of your Mum , this must have left a huge void in your life , not only have you lost a dear loved one , but as you were the person to care for her , you have spent your days focusing on your Mum & maybe not realising what an impact it was having on you

Plenty of us suffer with health anxiety on here , which focus on our health as you explain

Have you been to see your GP & explained how you feel , sounds like some counselling may be a big benefit to you

Your GP should be understanding & should offer the help you need with this , nothing you say they wont have heard before

Meanwhile no you are not on your own with how you feel , talk on here , lots of different advice & opinions , some may help

Welcome as well :-)

Keep talking & let us no how you go on





Hello why why

Thanks for your encouragement.With people like you to talk to I am sure things will get better


Bless you

They will , some lovely people on here , keep talking & we will do are best



Agreed with whywhy2.


Perhaps this feels familiar?


Hello Antonia

Yes this is me to a T

Thank you



First of all i would like to welcome you to the site where you will find fantastic people who can support and give advice and always here to listen.:)

I am sorry about the loss of your Mum must be really difficult as you had no time to focus on your well being. And being a carer is the most demanding job ever.

Now you have time to reflect and find yourself with some anxiety like whywhy said make an appointment to see the Doctor and they can offer counselling which may be a comfort to you while you are having this difficult period.

The death of a loved one takes time to get over and now you have time to sit and think the mind is playing tricks with you. Most people in their lives will think the worse of any pain we are experiencing me included so you are not alone.

I can feel for the feelings your getting but please do not feel isloated or alone there are plenty of people around that are feeling just like you.

Please keep blogging here take care


Love Seyi xxx


Thank you for your great help and advice,I have made an appointment to see the doctor as you suggest.It is the night time that Seems to be worse than anything else.I went to sleep about 11pm.Suddenly woke up at 2.30am feeling sick and in a cold sweat.Hence I am readng this at 3am.I shall certainly stay with you all here as at least reading all the blogs makes me realise that I am not alone.

Bless you all


Hi olddux

Glad you have made that initial step in going to see the Doctor. So sorry to hear you cannot sleep and must admit in the early hours of the morning everything becomes ten times worse.

I am sure the Doctor will be able to help and would be understanding how everything is effecting you.

Best of luck have a good day and try and rest :)

Keep blogging we are all here for you.


Love Seyi xxx


Welcome,ul find friends on here,I have health anxiety too,lost my son 3yrs ago ,my hubby 8yrs ago,I find some days hardly worth living,I on citalopram,but suffer from panic attacks anxiety,feeling I can't breathe,u name it iv flt it,I come on here for a while,and feel a bit better ,hope u will too ,soon xxxx


Hello Louise,nice to meet you.

I just don't know what to say.It was hard to lose my mum when I had nursed her for so many years.

But to lose your dear husband and also your son is unimaginable.My heart goes out to you.

Yes I am glad I joined this site.Last night I had a bad panic attack so looked in here at 2.30am and there were two other people going through the same thing so we kept each other company for an hour or so.I hope we helped each other.

I fell asleep about 6am but woke again at 7.30am with chest pains and panic.

Anyway that is enough about me i really do feel for you.

All the very best Dux


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