I can't hold on

I'm struggling and I don't know how to hold on. Its the point in the year where I see no point, where my parts of depression seem to come about along with anxiety and I just want to stay in my bed and sleep all day I'm having a hard time in my math class so getting a 52% back on my math test doesn't make me so happy when the rest of my friends got 100% I've never been smart or anything but I have to work 10x harder to be in accidemic and try to be at there level. I'm always behind in grades I'm always the dumb one and I just put so much effort especially at this time of year I'm burned out and have to reason to want to work I have no motivation and all I see myself doing is work and always school work getting harder and harder and it's so frustrating because I have to make such an effort to get out bed and no one cares and I just can't, I want to be alone. I need a math tutor and I'm terrified with having to be one on one with someone I don't know I'm so terrified I'd rather struggle myself because there is SO much fear I can't describe and I'm just so scared so incredibly scared for tomorrow because I can't move I'm in a box and I can't come out


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  • I've been where you've been wanna chat?

  • Yes that would be amazing

  • How do I get past this so I can get some help for my math I need to overcome this or an alternative I'm not sure I tried my friend to help me because she knows some math but it's didn't work even though I was more comfortable, people don't understand and when my mom says we can get a tutor my response is I don't like people which is half truth but it's just my way of putting I don't like new people or having to be alone with people

  • Have you ever tried online tutoring like Khan Academy?

  • That worked best for me

  • As for you being uncomfortable with people, is there a particular reason you feel this way?

  • It sounds to me like you are putting too much stress on yourself regarding math. Try focusing on the things you do well, if you are so stressed about it, you won't be able to focus and when you can't focus, things become difficult. Start liking yourself and don't compare yourself. None of us can be perfect in everything.

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