Is it bad to just stop anti ds???

I stopped taking my anti depressants about 3 weeks ago but now Im feeling mad. Cant concentrate at work, struggling to make and keep conversations with people and laughing randomly and not able to stop. I am crazy.! I WISH i hadnt stopped taking them and I havent been to see gp for months. How do i fix this. Feeling scared Im going to go out of control


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5 Replies

  • So Extremely paranoid everyone is talking about me at work

  • you need to go and see your GP - if not done before would ask them to check out B12 and folate levels as well.

  • Do you have any pills left? You could always start taking them again and make a follow up appt with your doc. You should never stop these meds cold turkey. If you want off of them you need to wean off of them slowly so your body can adjust to the lower levels of the drug. Good luck!

  • Is there a reason you stopped ? Balance the benefits of medication versus

    Cold turkey.

  • Ive started again on 50mg i dont feel right. I have a gp app next thursday. Gotta wait that long. I feel like im struggling so aggitated paranoid and socially awkward. 😢

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