Just me?

okay guys so am always in constant pain, not bad pain.. but I always feel chest pains now and again like on my heart side.. I suffer with anxiety and depression, I also have really bad asthma which causes me to get out of breath pretty quickly. Never been on any sort of tablets for my anxiety etc. But I just want to know if there's anybody else that suffers with anxiety chest pain on a daily basis... thanks guys


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5 Replies

  • Yes I used to have this! Used to worry me sick. But I learnt to accept it. Due to your anxiety, this is a common physical symptom. Although chest pain could also be due to lack of excercise, poor posture or muscle strain/injury. None sinister, unless you're in excruciating pain. But you're not alone. Just try to relax a little more and accept that you have it and it's just there to tell you you're worried and something's wrong (your anxiety).

  • Thank you for getting back to me I much appreciate it, yeah it just constantly feels like a small sharp stabbing pain on my heart side, I did go to the gym years ago but only thing I do is walk now and again I find it hard sometimes

  • Yes don't worry I experienced that too. I only made it worse by worrying myself sick over it but the sooner you accept it the better. It should go away on its own. You can also try making sure you're posture is okay as it could've strained a muscle and is another cause for your chest pain

  • I get the chest pain with the back pain the days in the most anxious yes and getting that pain does make yu even more anxious just try not to think about it you'll get better I promise bless yu

  • Everyday usually it's acid caused by hyperventilation / anxiety

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