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Hi, i have not been on for a while,been trying to battle my demons ( health anxiety and anxiety) .I am n therapy at the moment ,have been for months,but not getting very far,i know anxiety takes you down different paths ,as you try and cope with it,mine seems to have taken the route of eating ,lack of eating to be exact,i feel its my way of control as i cant control the anxiety,but i can control the eating side,i started dieting a few years ago as i was overweight and joined a slimming club,i got t target lost 2 and a half stone but have since lost another another 3 stone and down to bmi 18 ,but my therapist says its nothing to do with control its my emotions and dealing with them,has anyone else been here,i know im going down a dark road with the eating but think ive dug the hole so deep i cant get out of it x


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  • Hey i suffer from anxiety also but i dont share the same symptoms you have bu/ I'm willing to listen to you

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