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Phone Anxiety

I've had difficulty talking to people on the phone in the past. For a while, I would be fine. I would be able to call or answer the phone to anybody without any unease. But recently, that anxiety has come back again. This time, it's only with people I don't know and who I need to call. Does anyone have any tips? I've been doing well with anxiety and sharing my feelings overall but this is the one thing I've been having trouble with recently.

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some people it is hard to talk to on the phone people do not want to hear my problems any more so they call less but soon they will not call at all i can not see people because i look so bad i would love my phone to ring

but do not want to hear what i got to say any more i talked to no one today and i can not stand it my own mother dose not want to understand

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I understand completely

People tend to disappear when the going gets rough. I'll be happy to talk to you


I have the same issue- I felt like I was he only one! Hopefully someone has good advice because I need it too!


As an ex telephonist and now I answer calls for a charity I can only say don't worry about it at all If the person on the end of your phone can't be patient and accepting of your problem then they aren't worth worrying about

Remember they are people you don't know so it really doesn't matter I have to deal with people who are really nervous and stutter and I just reassure them to take their time

Breathe well as you speak and please don't worry You aren't alone lots of people especially the elderly don't like using a phone You are probably speaking to someone who takes calls all day and they will be used to it

I hope that has helped ❤

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Omg I have the same problem! I thought I was the only one!! I dread when I have to make phone calls and I'll put if off for weeks even if it's important then when I finally get up the courage, I have to make up an excuse as to why it took so long because no one understands😣 I went weeks without a debit card because I couldn't make the call the cancel it and get a new one, I went months without insurance when I could have just made a phone call to fix it, and so many dr appts have been delayed because I can't make myself call. But the issue is the whole time I'm putting it off, I'm stressing about it constantly because I know I need to call but can't😞 Thankfully if there's a call that NEEDS to be made asap, my best friend or her parents will do it for me, but it makes me feel so stupid because I'm 20 and should be able to make a stupid phone call😒


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