Feeling Dreadful

Hi all , I feel like I haven't been off here all week but I feel just dreadful and I honestly believe something is wrong . I'm feeling really lightheaded for days, unsteady / wobbly and have to keep sitting , really aching through my body , jelly legs , bad fatigue , nauseas , and just feels like my insides are shaky . Just feel so lifeless , also getting really strange feelings in my head . Can't keep doing this . Think need to see Drs and get blood tests .


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  • I'm doing the very same things the majority of the time. When I can lower my anxiety, these symptoms tend to wear off or go away completely. Mornings are the hardest for me

  • I have been feeling like this since Monday and it's all day and not getting any better , I'm hating this and are about to cry 😭 over it

  • I've been dealing with it for almost 4mons. You have to manage your stress. None of the 3 drs I've been to have mentioned doing any tests. I tell them my symptoms and they say it's anxiety. So you have to believe that

  • The thing is everything is good , yes I worry about things and think the worst but not to the point I'm stressed out . I'm demanding blood tests etc . Why are my legs so weak that I have to sit all the time . Never had that

  • I haven't had the leg symptom. Anxiety can manifest itself in a million different ways. It also mimics symptoms of other illnesses that we really don't have. I feel for you, because I'm right there with ya.

  • Mamma1204 thank you . Can you tell me how it effects you cause that might help me a bit . Cause I'm feeling yuck I just checked my bp 125/76 so that's why I don't think it's anxiety 😞

  • Weird head feelings, like my head is floating or something lol sometimes my ears feel full. Pounding heart, constantly tired even after good sleep. Some days are worse than others. And no appetite until the anxiety wears off, then I eat like a hog because I basically starved myself for a good part of the day. I know it sucks, but keep pushing through. Recognizing that it's anxiety, is the first and the HARDEST step

  • Yep sounds the same , but with the legs so weak . Thanx

  • Hi Jodz, when my anxiety is at its worst my legs go from under me too. Its an anxiety sign and its usually at the beginning. Im unwell too at the moment. Feeling sick in the mornings, rushing to the toilet and tingling sensations down my left arm. Its all due to anxiety. You have to find a way to cope with yr symptoms until they subside. You will get to know yr own body and will read the signs better and better until hopefullyou recognise when yr going down and head it off. We are with u, because we are suffering the same. You will come through it. Rest and drink plenty xx

  • Timeless I'm pretty good reconising my symptoms but since Monday I have felt bad . I really thought I was getting the flu Tuesday but nope . And then today just blah , feeling so sick and my legs just won't work . Went outside to do stuff but I physically couldn't , I really tried to push through . Thank you and it does help heaps knowing so many are the same , but this is just so different . Yer I have days I'm wonky and a bit lightheaded but this is crap .

  • Have you had your iron levels checked? I had that exact feeling of my insides shaking and it lasted for 6 weeks. I've also had the weakness in my legs before. I think it's anxiety combined wth the fact that I have really really low iron stores. An iron supplement can help with a lot of that. Look up symptoms of low iron and you'll see a lot of familiar stuff. Just a suggestion!

  • Njteal did you feel sick as well as the legs . Just feel shocking

  • Yes Felt really sick Njteal

  • Yes definitely off feeling. Like something's wrong but I can't place it. I get the fatigue feeling or I get keyed up and can't relax. Depends on the situation. I've had weird vision stuff. I've had that swooping feeling in my stomach. No appetite. All kinds of stupid symptoms that all end up being anxiety. But taking the iron had helped as well as having a full blood panel prove that my body is otherwise healthy.

  • Thanx off to the Drs tomorrow just booked in , but won't be able to get blood tests until Monday . Yep just feel lousy .

  • Yes I think you need to see doctor x get some blood test done and have check ip x put your mind at rest x let me know how you get on x

  • Yes I will let u know for sure thanx

  • Thats exactly how i used to feel. It is anxiety. I know its hard to believe theres nothing else wrong but anxiety can really convince you there is. Go to your dr if you havent already just so it puts your mind at rest. I still have the odd day where im unsteady / dizzy / depersonalised etc but i am 95% recovered now after 11 years.... you can get through this 😊

  • ShellyS75 please tell me how do u get through this ? I have had suffered all my life but this is so different . Yes got Drs appt tomorrow so hope that helps and will get blood test done

  • Youve taken the right step. See the dr to rule out every possible medical cause. If they say its anxiety be assured in your mind that thats the reason for how you feel. Honestly the best thing you can do if diagnosed with anxiety is to not look for other symptoms to prove the dr wrong. The only thing that has worked for me is the dare response by barry mcdonagh. He has videos on you tube.. a book, brilliant facebook group. It teaches you how to see anxiety in a different light and it honestly works. Quite often the book is offered for free on kindle. It is the only thing that has truly worked for me. I tried meds and counselling before which helped a little but not enough. Take a look at his you tube videos and see what you think. I hope it helps x

  • Thanx I will def look this up and the fb page πŸ‘

  • Theres fb 2 groups....dare motivation and dare support. I'll look out for u on there. Hope it helps 😊

  • Found dare motivation but can't find dare support ?

    I have asked to join dare motivation πŸ˜€

  • Found it . Now wait to be added πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Brill. I really really hope it helps you. Im not in the support group myself as i found reading about others symptoms etc tended to trigger my anxiety. The motivation group though is fab as it inspires you to try the dare method. You get to see the progress people make and it is literally amazing! Will keep an eye out for you so i can say hi!

  • When you ask for the blood tests, ask you doctor to do a test for your thyroid. I have had anxiety for many years and a month or so ago, I had some blood test which showed I had hypothyroidism. The doctor told me that when you have an under active thyroid the symptoms are similar to anxiety. It only took twenty years for me to hear that.

  • Thanx will do

  • I have also been going through the same symptoms for 2 months. I'm 54 and have never had anxiety before and it all came with a sudden onset early December. It started with the dizzy unbalanced feeling and I was worried about what was causing it and then over the next few weeks I was so unwell, the wobbly legs where I had to sit down all the time, the feeling like I was walking on a boat.extreme fatigue and loss of appetite and weight.constipation and really sore tummy in the mornings and the awful shaking tremoring feelings inside my body, I felt like I had a raging temp but when I took it, it was normal. Also a horrible dronning vibrating sensation in my head ,especially at night. I really convinced myself I had something like MS . I had so many rounds of blood tests and the usual nuro tests that doctors do and everything was normal apart from my liver function being slightly elevated. So both my doctor and 2 doctors at the hospital have said most likely anxiety.Like you I found it hard to believe as I didn't think I was stressed when it all started and it was so dibilitating. I'm waiting on a specialist appt but since accepting it may actually be anxiety I'm alot better. The tremors happen less, my appetites back , my energy's improved heaps. The unbalanced and wobbly legs have also improved. I still feel like my vision is weird especially when looking at the computer screen and keyboard. I hope this helps you to know, I've been just like you and while still not feeling normal, I'm so much better. Reading your post has helped me too , when I read it to my husband he said did you write that because it sounded exactly like what I've been going through.

  • Leebr I'm reading this and OMG I would swear I wrote this to a T . It's just unbelievable what this does to our bodies and mind . Thank you as this def helps

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