Health anxiety

Why won't this health anxiety subside?! I've been to the ER 3 times, the dr several times, called the paramedics a good 6 times in the past 3 weeks, seen a cardiologist, yet I still can't get it through my head that my heart is fine! I feel so unwell, numbness and pain in left arm, chest pains, dizzy, shortness of breath. This morning I was just laying in bed and felt like my heart stopped and gasped for air! I was put on Metoprolol a week ago and I get scared when my heart rate doesn't change or when it gets too low. When will this vicious cycle end?! I just want my happiness and peace of mind back!


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  • The more you feed your mind with worries and hospital visits the less likely it is to settle.

    Trust in God and try and ignore all your symptoms for several days

  • Thank you! I need to get closer to God, that's for sure! My therapist wanted me to try and go a week without calling the paramedics and I couldn't :( oh well, I have to dust myself off and keep trying to move forward.

  • It appears you are now obsessed with palpitations etc. You need to focus on other things. I like Goldfish suggestion focus on God. If you read uplifting things, do deep relaxation deep breathing exercises then you will eventually say goodbye to your fears. Are you in a position to go outside and take a brisk walk, staying in and having no focus is bad for you get a bible and read Heb Chp 10 verse 37. We all need help, I know what anxiety is like too so you are not alone. Be brave and strong 😊😊

  • Thank you! I haven't worked in almost 2 months so I think being stuck at home is not doing me any good! I was doing really well with prayer and reading my bible but I got discouraged a few weeks ago and haven't gotten back into it. God is talking to me through both of you to get back to him. He is the only way out of this.

  • He is so that is the sign for you to get back and pray. I did think you had too much time to dwell on negative things. I am sure you will soon be better and able to go back to work. We are here for you if you need us. I am off to a farm now, I help out once a week, I love being with the animals and in the countryside. I will pray for you 😊😊xx

  • Make out a timetable to fully occupy yourself for the day. Write down only positive statements eg I have been assured all my heart tests are normal, the doctors have assured me I have no physical problem etc. No negatives!

  • i have the exact same problem! it was fine a week ago but today i was really upset which led to a panic attack which triggered my health anxiety! thought something was wrong with my heart!! it legit takes away happiness

    just remember that youre fine! nothing is wrong with you and its just anxiety :)

    keep urself busy because that helps a whole lot!

    ignore all these horrid symptoms , it s just anxiety

    :)hope this helps Xx

  • Thank you :) they feel so real though and they're just there 24/7

  • I have the exact same problem !

    The ER doctors remember me ! & Just for separate opinions I try visiting different hospitals each time .. same results. Always that im "healthy" but my pain feels SO real i cant help but be skeptic. And im scared im going to obsess over it so much, itll happen.. kind of like that "dont go searching yu dont want to find" saying.

    Its good to know im not the only one.

  • Yeah I've been to 3 different hospital and switched my Dr twice! It's terrible. I'm afraid of it becoming something real since I obsess so much about it. We need to focus our thoughts on something else

  • Definitely easier said then done. After I calm down I tell myself im not going let it get to me the next time .. as soon as my symptoms start acting up, its so hard to redirect my thoughts.

  • My therapist said it's bc our minds go into fight or flight and can't think rationally in the moment

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