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Health anxiety

What a time I have had ,on the 21 dec ,fell down stairs fractured wrist in 3 places,had to have an operation to put in plate and pins,could not go to sleep as was freaking out I would not wake up ,so they just froze my arm.My blood pressure was through the roof so I was scared I was going to have a stroke,heart attack,got my operation on Christmas Eve ,people on the ward having cardiac arrests ,I was so scared,home now and the whole experience has made my health anxiety a whole lot worse ,now I think I have bladder cancer,and freaking out,my counciling has just finished 3weeks ago so now I feel back to square one,I just wish I could get rid of this anxiety,(hospital must have thought I was nuts lol ) x


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I have posted this often (I had every type of anxiety)........teeth...tums...legs....bums.....your ANXIETY will choose something...

HEALTH is the subject your tired mind has chosen

ANXIETY is the problem..........

it could have been health/social/body dismorphia/teeth/tums/legs or me I,ve had it


Yes I know ,counciling has learned me that,but I thought I was starting to get better but since this happened back to square one,you wish you could switch your brain off ,and on we'd I have to go back to hospital so something to look forward too (not ,they will be thinking not her again lol) x


BEEN THERE.....ha ha



You have had a little set back , but will get back on track again i am sure

Same though , cannot stand hospitals , just been stood outside the doors of one I cant breath , last appointment I ever had when the report came back , wasnt even talked about the problem I had gone with , just said my upper body shook & thought I could be suffering with anxiety , I thought o dear , fancy them noticing that , but I was a wreck !

I had a cyst took out & I wouldnt go to sleep either , they looked at me gone out , but I would rather take the pain than the thought of going to sleep

when I had my 3rd child within 10 mins I was asking to go , they said I had to wait for the doctor & as it was the middle of the night it would be morning , i paced up & down the ward all night !!!

Can some one go with you when you have to go back , I have a close friend who knows me so well that comes with me & its such a big help

Dont worry what they might think , I am sure they have seen it all before & worse !

I often wish we came with an on & of switch to !

Good luck



Lol,yes husband will Come with me,just hope it has healed when they take of paster,it's good to know I'm not the only one,as you feel so silly but can't help it,hope the anxiety will settle down a bit,as I just look for things wrong ,as you say on and off button !! Lol x


I am sure it will be healed , I no we dont believe it but they no what they are doing lol at least you should be in & out quicker when they take it of , just keep thinking of that , it wont take long

Something I have learnt to do though & I cant do it while I am there but after when I start to calm down i can laugh at myself , if after you can , i find it helps me

And who cares what they think , i am sure once we have gone they soon forget about us or we could have entertained them that much , we may give them something to talk about over their coffee breaks ! we should start charging if so for the entertainment ! lol



Poor you! you must have had an eventful few weeks! I hope you have healed and don't have to go back again!. I thought it was just me that was scared of being asleep in hospital. Even the word H has me cringing... x Ella x


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