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Health anxiety


Hi...I'm suffering really bad with health anxiety lately. I went to the dots with a tender chest and of course it was in my breast also. I got checked and told it was a condition called costorenchitis and I was fine with that got on with live no big deal it will go. But then it just came over me a few night later I started to feel really scared got this awful feeling of dread heart started racing and I said to my husband ill probably die this pain doesn't feel right. Over the next few days the pain got worse and really intense it was all in my neck, my arms, my hands and check my heart was racing and this was none stop everyday I felt it and never got a break from it. I was so scared this lead me to go to the hospital and get checked again. I got told the same thing it's Costo it will go away in a few weeks. I wasn't convinced at all got in the car and started saying to my sister would you be happy with that answer I'm not sure. Anyways went home started looking in the mirror and noticed veins all on my chest ,arms, breasts. Panic set in again what's this I've never seen these before so then my thoughts went from breast cancer to some sort of disease what I have no idea I didn't have a clue but maybe something to do with the blood and veins so I went back to the drs told them about the veins so they felt round again and told me to go to my go to have them check for any lumps and bumps I got in such a state. So I've gone to drs been checks and there's nothing there the veins are because I'm pale skinned there's no bumps lump nothing he's put me on propranalol and it's helped. But now I keep trying to get on with life but every so often everyday a few times a day I get this awful feeling just this sort of your being to normal feeling just rein it in your not okay type feeling if that makes sense. Sometimes it can take a while to pass if it passes at all. I'm crying none stop because it get to much it so intense. I really want it to go so I can feel my usual self. I'm so worried it's effecting my two children coz when it hits it really hits you and at anytime and I find it really hard to control and hide it. I find you more you hide the feelings your having the worse they feel and harder it is to push them aside until they show up again.

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When things feel wrong with the body it can become all consuming.

Fear makes everything seem much worse literally because you become so sensitive to everything when in a state of anxiety. That unfortunately is just the body working properly but you get stuck in a vicious cycle. Breaking it is the key.

You will always see and feel changes as you age you can't escape that.

I'm great at talking the talk but walking the walk is a different story.

I find observing others is a great way of grounding yourself because being healthy is not the norm. Look all around you everyone feels or even looks ill.

It's normal. So is worrying about it.

Try to avoid reading about things and definitely stop checking things too often.

Once a month is more than most people will ever do.

If you can break the cycle of checking things it's a massive step in the right direction. If you don't you just keep reinforcing bad habits.

Jemma1987 in reply to Steap

Your totally right there I got in an awful habbit of checking and it was so hard it's was probably about 10 or more time a day which then caused the areas to feel bruised. Ill be honest I've reduced the checking but it's not daily and when I do check it's once and then I just leave it. The checking was probably the worst getting out of the routine of doing it. X

I Also have veins on my left side of my chest where my heart is at i never seen them before and chest pain they told me everything is fine went to the ER alot of time aswell even saw a heart docter told me my heart is healthy and strong should go the gym work out i know you think you might have something but trust me you dont i have to learn the hard way if something its hurting me or feeling wierd sypthoms just pay no mind to it its trying to make you worry and panick

Yes in the last few weeks i just can't tell what is actual pain and what's just maybe there because I'm thinking about it. At first with the veins when my sister was say veins just wouldn't cause pain I just could not believe her at all. Every now and then I get a twinge of pain I think it's them veins then I have to convince myself it's just me. So hard anxiety of any kind is just the worst thing ever. It's been like a living shell for me just in a matter of about 5 weeks. X

yeah it hard because i dont think about it like that and just out of no where i feel pain and my body sore like i have hit the gym or something and in reality i didnt .

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