Counselor appointment

About to head to my counselor appointment. Really hoping for the best, I'm kind of wanting to give lexapro another try

I know that was the very first antidepressants I tried. I remember I had a bad headache.. and I remember kinda feeling zoned out a little bit... but maybe if i give it another shot?

I'll see what he says... I went to the dr today about my blurry vision. He said he can't find anything that would cause that.. he says I healthy. He told me to talk to the counselor and see what he says... and if there's nothing he can figure out ( which he will) then my dr will refer me to a neurologist


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3 Replies

  • Good luck.

  • Sunshine, let us know what your counselor has said. Good Luck

  • Thanks you guys Happy Valentine's Day 🙂

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