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im back home from the cardiologist..

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So i saw the cardiologist he said i didnt need no heart monitor for today because i have already done it and it came out fine it just fast sometimes because im anxious he says its anxiety for sire he say because he said my heart is fine and strong and good for my age he said also he will send me to get blood work for thyriod disease and just in case for anything else he says that it is fine he already did the test when i first came in that he can put another monitor because it came out fine so okay also he said by the summer time if its still happening that then he we send me for test to check for arrythmias to make sure he said come back in month and check up on the result of blood work and thyriod i said ok no problem he told me not to worried that he knows when something is wrong he says that he deals with petients everday that has really dangerous arrythmias he says that he will know if something is wrong with me he also says he thinks its probably a head thing or lets say a nervous thing because my blood pressure always a bit low and also pulse always fast but he says is because im anxious i tell him im not anxious i dont feel like i im he says its just your nerves if something was wrong he would been told me because he know when something is wrong with the heart . but i guess thats all dont know what else to do . if something people will believe it after i guess.

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Excellent news Johnnie. A clean bill of health except for a bit of anxiety. So now you can relax, forget about illnesses you don't have and can get on with your life. I'm so pleased for you.

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Jeff1943

Yeahh and to keep going with life dont know with these really fast palptation with the heart its crazy

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Jeff1943 in reply to Johnnie1234

Fast palps after thorough medical evaluation = A-N-X-I-E-T-Y!

Great news that you have a healthy heart johnny . Stay strong 😀

Great news johnnie1234 I really hope this has put your mind at rest.its also good you are getting thyroid checked out to as this can cause fast heartbeat.I went recently to see eye specialist and he wants me to have thyroid blood test done ,because blood test I had few months ago was normal but on the lower side ( meaning I could be borderline for thyroid .but I'm not worried if it is thyroid they can treat it with a brother niece both have thyroid and just take medication for it.

yeah lets see how the bkood test goes

Happy for you Johnnie. :) We were all behind you. Hope you relax and enjoy your evening. :)

Very pleased. Now that you know it is anxiety, the heart issues may just gradually go away by themselves.

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Johnnie1234 in reply to b1b1b1

hopefully its been going on for a year or more probably

Good Johnnie.....all good news,yes?

Excellent news! You should feel so much relief, but you have to let yourself believe it. Remember, he wouldn't have told you that you were okay if he didn't 100%believe it to be true. Now you can go back to your regular doctor and tell him that you're ready to get this anxiety disorder under control!

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