Mri Results came back normal

My Mri results came out good just said i need vitamin b and D because its really low so ama make sure take some vitamins and he said to not drink any paxil to drink the vatamins then later on vitamis aint helping then he said he will give me something instead that works in 20 minutes because he said paxil works really about in a month it takes long to work he says soo lets see wassup 💯


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  • Good for you! They strong

  • yeah hopefully i get better

  • What symptoms were you having that made you get an MRI?

  • vision unreal tingling my head feeling wierd like dizzy and numb sometimes times and i just did a brein mri to

    make sure my brain was fine because i got all of this

    because smoking weed cought a panick attack then started getting alot of sympthos after that

  • That's good news Johnnie, I'm glad to hear that. Take care...

  • Yeah

  • Good I am happy for u. Have a ? I drink paxil ????

  • U drink paxil ??????

  • na havent drinked it yet was going to but idk even doe my anxiety is every day i feel symphtoms everyday most chest pains doe and body sore sometimes

  • I have never heard of someone drinking paxil but I have had some out of this world symptoms that I am scared of cause I ain't never had them or it's been years I am fixed to have upper g.I and lung test and heart all my test come back good but I wanted some one who is a specialist in those fields to look over my test or give me a new what ever they thInk

  • yeah me eather first time ever never felt the way i do it changed me never thought i would be this way i did a whole physical doen of blood work of all dieases and everything everything is noraml mri is normal aswell and i been like this for three months and havent took pills for anxiety yet even dor i feel alot of pain

  • Hi johnnie,Do you feel the symptoms constant everyday?

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