New job tommorow soooo nervous 😩

Hi this is my first post

Im 35 and had anxiety for over ten years .. I've been quite lucky the last few years and was able to work but it was always cleaning which for me helped , well I had enough of cleaning and went for work in a shop , I only bloody got the job ! I start tommorow and I so nervous I want to cry ..

I'm worried I won't pick up what Im meant to do and the till scares me for some reason😫.. help !!!!!!!!!!

Steph x


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2 Replies

  • Congrats on the new job. You're stressing over something that may or may not happen. Go in there and do your best! That's all you can do. Listen carefully to whats being taught to you, take notes and if need be, go home and review the notes until you have them memorized. You'll be fine. GO GET 'EM!!

  • Hello Steph I can understand just how you feel You will be shown everything tills now are so advanced and I'm sure you will find them really easy

    A new job is always scary but no one will expect you to go in there and know everything it will take a while

    I hope the people are really nice and that you enjoy it

    Take a little notebook and write things down

    Lots of nice deep breathing

    I hope it goes well for you good luck x

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