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Hospital tommorow a.m

my anxiety in general is through the roof but my health anxiety has gone wild. im going in the day unit tommorow early morning for an endoscopy in my stomach and bottom and dispite the fact im having general anesthetic which ive waited ages for as they dont usally give for this, it doesnt seem to be making the worry and fear any better. my head just cant process whats to come and i just want to go to sleep right now and wake up when its over and be pain free and not in a huge panic. every possible bad thought is going through my head......infection, death, chocking, complications, you name it and my head is already there. i know there isnt much anyone can do to help me i guess i just wanted to express myself. do you have any experiences and how did you cope????? thanks for listening. x

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Hi Sam. Sending best wishes your way. Im due to have an op in june and ive done nothing but read on the risks and they are so so small. Go in there feeling strong. Its a step to feeling better :-) and even better, when you come out it will be a huge step youve conquered and it will all be over. Let us know how you go.



Hi love

Have had both done , wasnt as sensible as you though & had it done awake !

I no you will be full of fear & if I say dont be , it wont help , but I no you will be ok & i will be thinking about you & look for your post to see how you got on , it will soon be this time tomorrow & you will be able to relax & when you get the results , which again i no its not easy not to worry , but you will have peace of mind





hi there

hope all goes well for you tomorrow

YOu are lucky they knocking you out after suffer a realkly bad panic attack last year i was admitted to cardiac care ward in hosp they wanted me to go back and have a angogram but they would not allow me to take someone with me , so i just couldnt go a head with it as the aniiexty was just so much .

so coz they couldnt accomadate my requirements i didnt have the precedure done

let us know how it goes


Hi Sam, I suppose you've been to the Hospital by now and found that the procedure was pretty straightforward. Unlike you I did not have any sedation as I wanted to see on the monitor what was happening. It's not a pleasant feeling, but quite bearable. The Consultant explained everything as he went along, which was great. I thought the nurse holding my hand was more nervous for me. I wanted to know what the pain I was experiencing with the camera was, but when he said it was the air they were giving me as they were (going round the bends he said) I felt a lot better. Boy, I couldn't wait to go to the LOO afterwards as I was really and truly full of wind.

Love to you and hope everything went well.


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