Hi guys a little update

Well it's been about 2 weeks now on medication guys and I'm about 50% back to normal.

I'm able to have some good days in between and a few bad but nothing terrible like before thank god🙏🏼

Still having light sensitivity and sunlight bothers me

Other then that the panic attacks have gone down

So everyone starting meds

Keep on going there is a light at the end of the tunnel

Just keep it up :)

Please give positive feedbacks only. Thank you


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17 Replies

  • Happy for you Sam001, continued success!

  • Than you agora. If I can get through this we all can 😀

  • I'm glad you are feeling better. What medication are you on if you don't mind me asking?

  • Woo hoo!!! Love the good news Sam001. You're giving us all hope.

  • We can all do it nene. Just gotta focus on life and keep on moving haha 😀🙏🏼

  • Glad you are feeling better and progressing...if you don't mind me asking what medication are you on that has helped you. My Celexa isn't working anymore :(

  • I'm on celexa as well

    It didnt work for me the first week at all either.

    My doc increased the dose the second week and I see some improvements.

  • I've been on 10mg of Celexa for 10 yrs so I thibk I'll tell my Doctor to up me. Thank you for your response. Best wishes to you :)

  • I was taking generic lexapro and weaned myself off. It made me more dizzy and foggy brained. I have become a complete hypochondriac and need help

  • Everyday whether at work or home, I feel stressed, nervous, and woozy headed. Doc prescribed me xanax 1mg a day and it helps but once I start getting nervous, the symptoms get worse. I have learned drinking too much coffee makes it 5 times worse.

  • I've noticed caffeine makes anxiety worse for everyone.

    I haven't drank coffee in a while

  • I love my coffee greatly but it does make my anxiety so bad. A strong cup the other day caused a small panic attack...I think it's time to call it quits on the cup of Joe for me ;)

  • Do it slowly. I have learned if you stop All caffeine cold turkey, the withdrawals are horrible. I drink one cup of regular coffee and 2 cups of decaf.

  • Thank you so much for that advice...I do know about the withdrawals already went 2 days without coffee once abd the headache I had was unbearable. Drank the cup of coffee and the headache was gone. They say caffeine is the #1 drug in the world. :/

  • I love coffee but 4 k cups in 2 44oz cups is overkill for me. I am cutting way down now.

  • Quitting will be the best option but I must do it slowly

  • So happy for you and gives hope to us who are struggling with horrid side effects off starting meds I'm on day 10 of ciltalpram and it's been tough going can't wait to feel like you so happy for you X

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