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A little help for a dentist appointment

Yesterday i had a filling at my usual dentist and although i coped, i really had to fight with myself to keep myself calm. It was such a struggle i was shattered by the end.

I have an appoinment with a specialist dentist for a complicated filling or extraction in a couple of weeks and was wondering if i could get something from the doctors to help me through it. I've only ever taken diazapan in the early stages of my anxiety, so think they may be reluctant to prescribe anything to ease the tension.

I don't want to sound like i'm trying to get a fix and i know it's not supposed to be a pleasant experience but i just want to whole situation to be a little less traumatic.

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Thank you for your reply Kelly. I think i might need more than a little help now, i've decided to have the extraction :-/


Hi Karen,

I do feel for you, I was terrible at the dentists for 33 yrs lol.

5mg of valium, should calm you down quite a bit. taken1-2 hrs prior to surgury.

I had the very same dillema a while ago, and managed to do my coping strategy all the way through, a complex filling that ended in an extraction. I managed for the first time in 30 yrs to do it drug free, however I used to take valium for it, so I would recommend that. The dentists give larger doses of valium for patients at my dentists, but not tried it.

I only had it when I had a new pacemaker put in, where they cut me open, scrapped out lots of calcium buildup, and popped the new one in and sowed me up, all with me awake. With the valium, I really couldn't be anxious at all, so it does work.

wish you well




Thanks for the reply B.

I'm sure i could do it but i don't want to make an idiot of myself. I think i just need a saftely net.

I can't be done sitting in the corner, rocking with blood dripping down my chin. So not a good look x


Hi Karen

I had this dentist phobia for 40 odd years, I've had general anethetic, valium sedation, and I would recommend going with the valium route, as coming out of the general anethetic took days for me.You need a dentist you can trust and is sympathetic to anxiety sufferers though, I have a great one now,

when he extracted my tooth, and it was totally unexpected, after a root canal and the tooth was to badly damaged to save.

I got out the chair walked about a bit sat down, and everytime his arm came across with the pliers, i'd grab his arm, it was a natural reaction that was happening. After i'd decided I would do it, as the hassle of going to hospital didn't fill me with good thoughts. I sat on my hands, and he said he would do it slowly, so he started wiggling and yes there was pressure but it wasn't painfull, kept wiggling till it popped out. then in with the wadding to get it to clot and straight out the chair to FREEDOM. :-)

To be honest it was easy, its just the thought that stops us doing it this way.

Wishing you well




As a surgeon, I usually prescribe 1-2 tablets of valium (5-10mg of diazepam) depending on the tolerance of the patient to this type of medication. You will have to have someone drop you off and pick you up from the specialist appointment. The medication should be consumed 1 hour prior to the procedure.

All you have to do is make sure your dentist/dr/specialist knows; as they will have to prescribe this for you a few days before ur appointment.

all the best!


Thanks Tenley.

Also, i am thinking of asking to be put under if possible. Can i take Valium before that to calm the nerves of going under or does it all counteract itself.

I am such a pansy these days, i used to be so good with things like this and just put up with whatever as i knew it was for the best but now ....


Find a surgeon/dentist that you're comfortable with first of all. A lot of patients find that getting the right specialist is the best way to go; and some are so comfortable they don't even end up needing medication!

If it is a large procedure, some very scared patients are usually placed either under intravenous sedation; or via general anaesthesia. Usually for these, you won't need any oral valium as the midazolam/propofol would knock you out straight away.

Take care.


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