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My brain hates me!


I'm 16 years old.And I'm having anxiety and panic attacks for about 6 months.For the first time,that happend to me I was at summer job.I was thinking that i have brain cancer because,I was feeling dizzy and my hands were vibrating and I was saying nonsense.The vibrating disappeared after 20 minutes and I was fealling dizzy only when I got my head beneath of my knees.Then sometimes happend to me that I could not see properly and I could concentrate not on full space but only on individually things.That also disappeared after like month.And then I was getting weird feeling about my heart like my heart moved suddenly.I think that all was caused by that that my grandpa which is my role model and I really love him got heart attack and went to heart operation,then my grandma and my dog got cancer.I went blood tests and they discovered low function of my thyroid gland.So I went before two weeks to a doctor and she told me that my heart is really alright and I dont have to worry.So everything about my hearth started to feel alright so it is now but I started to feel weird things about my brain again. And I know its psychical because its happening only if I have to do something important to me which I dont want to ruin.The worst part is that I love to study.And I cant fully

concentrate because Im getting dizzy all the time.Im really into physics and I could learn all the time before month when everything was

comparatively alright. When something happen like someone is calling I'm afraid that is because of me that I have to go to hospital or because of someone died.I'm really afraid of going to hospital.I'm really sad because of the study part.I dont want nothing more than to study.Before three years I had stomachache.It was also psychical.It took like 6 month until it disappeared. And it was happening only because I had to all time think about that.When I was not thinking about that like when I was reading a book everything was alright.The same is happening to me now.It is Impossible to not think about my dizziness or about my weird brain and concentrate stuff.I really don't know what to do I'm really afraid of diyng.I can't stand to hear my heart beating it's really creepy for me.I'm afraid of going mad of that and taking some pills like

antidepressants. I just want to can study as hard as I was studying before.

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Heyhoola, you sound like a bright young man who is being overwhelmed by some health anxiety due to family health issues. I understand how frightening it is for you to see your grandparents going through serious health problems. The ring of the phone just feeds into your high anxiety at this moment, thinking the worst is about to happen. You seem to know that physical symptoms can be caused by our fearful thoughts. Accepting that is what it is and that you won't die from it will help. You're not going mad, it's all a part of the anxiety trying to trick your mind. Have a talk with your doctor about talking with someone regarding these fears. I don't know if antidepressants would help since it seems more anxiety based. However, your doctor is the one who will make that decision for you. Coming back to the forum and talking out your fears will help as well. There are always good people around to support and comfort you.


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