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Hi everyone, for the past couple of days I've been experiencing something new & really annoying. I have this feeling my eyes get blurry I've been squinting them because the feel heavy. I got this detachment feeling like my body isn't my body if that makes sense. The fatigue level is incredibly high I feel exhausted but can't sleep either. I have no energy but yet I'm up I feel ill but not like a common cold or flu sickness. Can anyone relate to this?? Sorry if it's hard to understand but some of the things I experience are really bazaar and hard to explain.

Also I feel dizzy to can't forget that one 😔

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Yeah I think I get you like a foggy head everything seems surreal for me as I have not had this for to long and now and then I come back to reality and say I can't believe I'm going through this

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Yes I don't have it for periods of time and all of a sudden it's back & full force 😒


Yeah it's not a full on panic attack but it's really foggy and ya don't feel right then ya get shakes it's doing my head in I have not been my self for so long I just want 1 day feeling like I use to 😢


Hi Mloa... I can understand. I get a funny feeling in my head. I feel like it is fading away, and dark, if that makes any sense, it's hard to explain, but it's kind of like what you described, and my eyes go blank, but it last about 3 seconds maybe, and it makes me scared and so nervous, and my heart beats so fast.


Mloa.... I also have vertigo and Insomnia. I am tired all the time, and I don't even work.


I work but I sit all day at a desk my for the most part physically I'm not doing much but it can be stressful on the other hand. I may have vertigo. It's just hard to explain to doctors because we experience so many symptoms at one time they probably brush it off that's my opinion. I need to get to the basics of the situation because if it is anxiety I need some kind of medication, I've put up with it nearly two years I'm at my wits end. You just feel like giving up it makes you that much exhausted and feel absolutely terrible 😔


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