Twice in the past 3 days I've felt this weird like flutter in the center of my chest. The rust time it felt like a thump and then a flutter then just now it was a flutter. I had an ekg, blood work, and a CT scan on Thursday and the dr said everything looks fine. A little over two weeks ago I had a 24h ekg done and everything was fine then too. Are these flutters really just anxiety? They freak me out bc they come out of no where! The one I just had happened while laying on the couch watching tv. Anyone else get this?


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  • you might have GERD

  • I'll have to bring that up with my dr, thanks.

  • Yes look at the video i posted yesterday

  • Hmm interesting

  • Does it make you cough as though youve missed a breath too when it happens. I've had these alot recently aweful as they are. Went to docs it comes with anxiety and not to worry. Now the less I think of them the less I feel them. Don't seem to happen when I'm up and about just when I'm resting. Hope this helps mandy xx

  • Thank you for the reassurance. I feel like we need that quite often with anxiety.

  • It does help when you know your not alone trouble is anxiety is not just one symptom. It's multiple and our brains tend to tell us the worst and does a very good job on us anxiety sufferers unfortunately lol. Tc xx mandy

  • What you described is ectopic heart beats that can be brought on by anxiety, caffeine, tiredness and over indulgence in alcohol and/ nicotene. Completely harmless but causes a great deal of anxiety. Reassurance from your doctor and an ecg does help to calm you down. Theres a cardiologist on youtube who explains this in layman terms. Look up York cardiologist and you should find him. Cant remember his name! Take care x

  • Thank you! After a few months of therapy, I've gotten my anxiety (and most of its symptoms) under control :) thanks

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