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claire weeks?

I've been hearing a lot about claire weeks and she's been very helpful to anxiety, can anyone recommend me which books to read? or what videos to read?

or just in general you can put down below what helps you.

what do you guys do when you get anxious in work? I try and calm myself down while working because im a waitress I can't really sit down and take a break, but I feel so light headed when this happens :(

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Hope and Help For Your Nerves is the one I read, it did help me temporarily but I find I have to reread it sometimes to remember her main lesson, which is basically to "float" through anxiety. One thing that helps me a lot in the moment is to listen to binaural beats on youtube (I search binaural beats anxiety). I don't know why it works but it does! Maybe you could go to the bathroom for a minute at work and listen? Sometimes just being away from other people for a minute can help me as well.


Hi fionaleung21, who is Claire Weekes you ask? She is the doctor who as a young woman experienced what today is called General Anxiety Disorder and worked out a method for curing herself based on Acceptance of the symptoms in the short term in order to desensitise her nervous system rather than letting fear cause more fear and anxiety cause more anxiety. Itworked so she wrote a book about her method, she wrote many books about her methods, but the first one is the best place to begin. It is titled 'Self help with your nerves' in the U.K. and 'Hope and help with your nerves' in the U.S. available on Amazon for a few pounds or dollars.

I first read it in 1974, before most people on this forum were born I'll wager, and it was instrumental in my recovery then and again when the problem of anxiety returned 22 years later. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the world and many on this forum and the entire method can be summed up in one mantra: Face - Accept - Float - Let time pass.

Some people are put off by the fact that the examples she gives are steeped in a social background of 50 years ago, more fool them, her method is as valid today as then ir as it will be in 50 years time come to that. There are clips of her talking on YouTube but that's really jumping the gun. She passed on at a good age about 15 years ago.

You ask what to do when you get anxious whilst at work, Dr Weekes would answer Accept, Float and just carry on, even jelly legs won't let you down because the power of nervous sensitisation is limited and can never cause us physical harm because it only really consists of glitches in our over sensitive nerves. But you need to read that first book to really understand, you'll find it the best few pounds/dollars you've spent in a long time.


Hey Jeff, thanks so much for your lengthy reply it's really helped me. I just purchased the book by Claire and it will be arriving tomorrow I'm feeling so exited to start this hopefully it will help me

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Guaranteed to help. I agree the best purchase I made in my life for my mental health,


Dr Claire Weeks " self help for your nerves" can be purchased on Amazon for about £6. I read this book and it changed my life. Written way back I think in the seventees or eighties the best book I've read for those suffering anxiety. Give it a try.


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