goals and accomplishments ! its the small positive things that counts

yet again another week has flown by..๐Ÿƒ

what have you guys accomplished this week and what you want to achive next week?


-only had 2 panic attacks this week (usually i have a bunch everyday)

-managed to go out by myself

-started eating healthy

-able to do school work

- able to accept panic attacks for what they are

next week i want to ;

-start watching a tv show

- hang out with friends close by

- see my psychologist

- start meditating and do yoga again

-have fun!!



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  • aminaismail, a great plan. Take small steps and soon they will become bigger. Let us know how you do. Have a good weekend.

  • aww,thank you!! and i will!

  • Love this! You sound like you had a pretty great week. I wish mine was a little more productive but I'm going to try even harder next week. I'm going to try and not let my depression control my schoolwork and life as much and I might even try and get out once by myself. thank you for the encouragement! <3

  • yess!! good on you!! please tell me how it goes !! good luck x

  • Glad you had such a good week and that you are so positive and planning your week with goals

    I had a few panics but I've been doing tensing and letting go It was just something I tried by myself but I bought The DARE response book and found out that it actually combats panic and stops it I was just tensing and holding it as long as possible but they say you should : Tense up everywhere for a count of 5 Let go and breathe deeply for a count of 10 I tried it and it really works so I'm practicing it I always felt nothing works when panic strikes Hope you give it a try Id love to know if you find it helps Have a lovely weekend xx

  • thanks ! thats good you found something to conquer your panic attacks!! i might give it a go! i also do this 21 second rule where i let the panic come in and do anything for only 21 seconds but after that, i stop, it sounds unhelpful but trust , it does!! :)hope you have a lovely weekend too

  • That's good I shall try that I just had to try out my tensing and letting go in the car I get anxiety IBS and I'm looking after my son's dog while he and my husband go to footie My tummy was a bit upset this morning so I was really nervous of the drive !! I felt the panic start so tensed up and honestly it just stopped I was so thrilled and proud of myself Isn't anxiety horrible ? It's great to get tips so thanks for that one x

  • OMG tried your 21 second rule and it worked Thank you so much for telling me xx

  • yayay!! im glad it helped xx

  • It was amazing xx

  • Well done and good luck

  • thank you! Xx

  • My pleasure. Your post was very uplifting for me so I should be thanking you. Each week in life can always bring something good; I pray next week is one that brings good things for you

    Kind regards


  • awh thanks! same goes for you!!

  • Many thanks. Do let me know how your week goes; may you have every good luck

    Kind regards

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