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Fear of norovirus coming back??

10 days ago I came down with an awful stomach bug, vomiting and diarrhea for a few hours. The next few days I was tired and achy. I went to the doctor and had normal blood work. But I have not regained my appetite and I'm terrified of it coming back :( I'm 29 years old and caught it 12 hours after my son had it. I haven't really been hungry since and just want to feel normal again. Any advice is appreciated.

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Same here, last Monday, had lunch etc we were on our way for a night out with no child when all of a sudden I needed to go to the toilet within 15 minutes of having lunch!! I was so bad I had severe dehyrdration which nearly ended up in hospital. It took me 4-5 days to feel like eating again and then I have only had lunch since then. I do suffer from a form of colitis which unfortunatley gave me a flare up. All my bloods and blood pressure were normal. I have had norovirus many years ago and it's not nice, but this time I had a reaction from food which was 5 times worse than the virus. I can understand your 'fear' of eating again, I have to be really careful of what to eat and not to eat, hence I don't eat much at all, fearful of having severe diarrhoea and vomiting....

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Thanks for the reply. It is nice to know someone can relate and hopefully we can enjoy our food again and stay healthy.


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