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Just come back from uni for christmas, been having lots of panic attacks, fear of death etc?

I am in my third year at university and have had a lot of time off throughout because of my anxiety. I have been trying to get better for a long time, but when I end up feeling like I can attend uni It never stays for longer than a couple of weeks. I then get really bad again and can't attend for ages. Since coming back to my home town for Christmas I have been put on an anti depressant called lustral. I was taking 100mg a day but they gave me HORRIFIC panic attacks where I was begging to be taken to hospital.... so i stopped taking that after 4 days. After that I still got panic attacks but slowly have been able to stop them getting out of hand.... but I am left with this scared feeling all the time. I was convinced I was going to die of an asthma attack (I don't have asthma... I hope) or heart attack. I still am a bit. I worry about dying a lot now, and I just feel like something really bad is going to happen. I can't do my uni work, I feel like i'm at a bit of a dead end. I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow again, just wondered if I could pick up any advice on here?

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Hi Space Head

first, welcome to the site - lots of support/advice on here, you've made a good first step. Seeing your doctor is good too, not all anti-depressants suit everybody, and s/he might be able to prescribe someting better.

The other thing I was going to suggest - your uni should have a Student Counselling Service - have you tried to access that? Just having someone to go and talk things through with every 1-2 weeks might help a lot - do look into it, it's there for you - or should be!

good luck with the doctor!

All the best



Thank you for replying :)

I did have counselling with the uni in my second year and stopped because I didn't feel it was helping. I recently started again, I've only been for one session, i'll carry on when I go back to uni.

I just don't want to have to live with this for the rest of my life... and it feels like I might have to. This Christmas has been particularly bad though. I know I make it worse for my self because when I go out and have a bit to drink I feel terrible for days after, it really worsens my anxiety. But I feel like I need to be social and have fun... although a lot of the time it isn't that fun.

I feel really scared right now, I know i'm going to be up for ages thinking about stuff which I hate. I could go on for ages because there is so much i'm worried about...

Thanks again for replying!


Hope you get some sleep, space-head! I'm sure you won't feel like this for the rest of your life - uni is a stressful time, specially your third year - I remember I was stressing for England in my finals year! :(

Keep posting, lots of help/support/advice on here!




Hi spacehead.There are so many of us feeling as you do.I started with all the Panic/Anxiety attacks when I was 24 and at the time I had 3 small children.I could not think of anything other than fear of Dying and feeling that something awfull was going to happen. I am now 61yrs old and still suffer. Although I have recently had second course of CBT and now take Sertraline and feel so much better.Looking back what a lifetime I have spent worrying,but I wont tell you not to worry because I know this is very difficult.I had counselling through my employers Occupational Health but you really need specialist help through your GP.Panic/.Anxiety is something our mind and body creates and you can take control back to combat your fears.Do keep getting support from friends on this site and GOOD LUCK X


I think my panic attacks were triggered when i was bullied and attacked at secondary school, I had to take time off and since then I've always had anxiety problems quite severely.

I think Lustral is Setralin, so I am on the same drug as you. I hope it'll help me as well. It's so good to hear from people that experience the same things. I will also be taking CBT through my councillor, I hear it doesn't work for everyone but its reassuring to hear that it is working well for you. Did you feel strange at all when starting to take lustral/setralin?

Thanks for the reply! xx


Hi there,

Space head i can relate to exactly how you're feeling. I suffered really bad anxiety attacks in my 2nd year of uni which led me to drop out and not finish. All i can say is that the best thing for you to do is surround yourself with friends whilst studying (i found this helped) and definitely see your GP. i did nothing about mine and kept quiet and was only diagnosed with anxiety a year after i left uni. I take a prescription drug now (can't remember the name, sorry) which i find helps a lot, as it slows my heart rate down.

Just remember you're in your final year and so close!! so don't give up! try to get a good nights sleep, stay off energy drinks and try to keep your mind active (revising with friends, working in a library)

Hope this helps!



Thanks for this :) I do try to surround myself with people I trust but I haven't really met many people I feel comfortable around at uni. I live with my boyfriend though which helps a lot. I went to see my doctor and he said everything seemed fine with me health wise but he has put me on a slightly lower dose of lustral and a bit of diazepam. I am worried about taking these, i'm not a massive fan of taking medication but I know it will help. I don't like being out of control of how my body is feeling....

Its nice to hear from someone who also had problems at uni!



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