Fear always come back at night

Nowadays , I overthink about ghost stories and haunted things so much and midnight I always wake up and start to scare . I can't stop thinking about it and sometimes I overthink that it will haunt or kill me at night . I am so sorry for wasting everyone time for reading this but I just want some suggestions from all of you because I'm so young that why I always scare of those things . 


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6 Replies

  • Hello

    You seem to move from one fear to another and as you say you are young so I think you would benefit speaking maybe to a family member as well as a Doctor to get the support you need 

    I hope you will take this advise as I really think it will be the best for you 

    Take Care x

  • Can doctor cure this fear ?

  • Sounds like you are quite jumpy, try not too think about things that go bump in the night........never watch horrors before bed.

  • I swear I stop .

  • Hi Sreyneth,  it seems that you are stuck in this pattern of fear about things that aren't real.   My father use to tell me "not to be afraid of the dead, it's the live people who can hurt you".  You need to switch your thoughts and your choices of what you read, watch and think about.   Wishing you better nights......

  • I'll try to think of it too but then those thought comes back again

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