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Inflammatory Breast Cancer, I think my fears are coming true.

Hi everyone I have not posted in a while but I really need some help. This is the basic rundown.

Early September I was doing a month breast check (Im 18, but with my health anxiety I like to make checks) well I FREAKED OUT because some white liquid came out of my nipple, next day i set an appointment with my OBGYN. Well then my breast starts itching a bit, mostly both my breasts but more itchiness on my left one. I google the symptoms and IBC comes up. I FREAK OUT AGAIN! and wait anxiously for the doctors appointment. Well I go and she doest seem concerned about the itching, but is concerned about the lactation, so she sends me for a ultrasound. It comes back fine but I still worry because thats what health anxiety does.

So for a month I do ok, some bad chest pain but probably because of my anxiety. I also am constantly checking to see if my breast is getting bigger.

Well, yesterday while cleaning my room (i had been going bra less for the last couple days, I feel a pain on top of my nipple. it feels like chaffing almost. and when i touched it it feels warm and stingy. like a sunburn.

so i start sobbing in the bathroom looking at it because Im so scared!

the next day, today, its still there, and my nipple also has a blue vein on it now too. I go to my doctor today and he takes one look and goes, "it looks like nothing" "maybe an allergic reaction, and gives me fungal cream :(

I have to make an appointment with my obgyn now because Im freaking out again.I feel like the only way ill be calm is if I have an MRI or biopsy.

Th spot has not changed or grown so i guess thats good. Heres a photo of what it looks like now. ou can see the redness on the top of the brown areola part

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This is something the Doctors can only help with . To me everything looks fine,I hope it goes well and you can have peace of mind .


Maybe it's because you went without a bra for two days like you said. Maybe just got irritated and dry. Hopefully your gyno can reassure you.


Please stay positive its not cancer ill pray for you im sorry your going threw this i am your in my prayers


Could you possibly be pregnant?....


I had all of those symptoms with my boobies when I was pregnant and it was only on one nip (sorry tmi) but maybe think about that if it's a possibility you could be


Sometimes when I go bra less, depending on the fabrics I wear, it can cause the chafing feeling that you are experiencing. The nipples are very sensitive to fabric, chemicals etc.

I understand your fears exactly as I also get itching nipples and soreness. I have started washing my underwear in nothing but hot water (suggested by a washing machine mechanic of all people) and it has helped with the itching.

An MRI is the safest option if you are going to have anything done. Keep your appointment with the obgyn or even a breast specialist and try not to worry in the meantime. I Know it's easier said than done. Please let me know how you get on.

Kind regards



so sorry your feeling this way. Happens to me now. I have yearly mammograms and its all fine. My nipple itches like crazy. Never wear a bra because of it. Please don't be scared 😓 easy to say i know but im with you on this. It looks fine. Give it another week and if its no better see your gp again. Hope it eases for you hunny. Good luck 🍀 let us know how you get on. Hugs xx


Thanks so much everyone, I think the cream might be working as the redness has gone down a little bit, it also has not spread or gotten worse so that's good! It doesn't hurt either and the boob has not gotten any bigger.

But thanks so much for the replies! No I'm not pregnant, but my periods have been super wacky lately because of stress and different meds I'm taking. I started a new pill pack of birth control that day, I've been taking the same type of birth control, but this time they gave me a similar one I think? Basically the packaging and name didn't look right, so I stopped taking that just in case. I'm not sexually active right now so that should be ok.

I'm gonna make my appointment with my OBGYN today hopefully to just make sure everything is ok.

Thanks for the replies again, I feel a bit more calm, I'll keep you guys posted


I have health anxiety and have made numerous appts now my card actually ran out . But how about a mammogram and ultra sound and a biopsy if the fluid . You may have a breast infection. You do need to wear a cotton comfortable supportive bra , this way you don't irritate them. But get those tests done. Hugs and God Bless , keep us informed


Me being a male i have no idea what you're going through but i would like to try and help. My girlfriend went through the exact same thing. Her left nipple swelled up on the top and looked just like the picture you posted. It was like a brown and purple bruise and the skin was almost cracking. Hers ended up being a type of staph infection. It took many round of antibiotics to fight it because it was a resistant type but it all ended up going away. The doctors did a fine needle biopsy and took some of the fluid out to do a culture and that's when they determined it to be staph.


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