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panic attacks and anxiety

hello !! so i start school next tuesday and im freaking out!! im starting year 12 and during the holidays i didn't do as much study and preparation as i wanted to because of anxiety and panic attacks (its been the worst yet in these past 4 months) and im scared because i will panic at school. i really want to do my best this year to get a high score but its so hard, i do meditation, workout, yoga and im trying to eat healthy. i use to be terrified of going out a few months ago but its alright now because im exposing myself to go out everyday. my anxiety is much better but its the fear of it getting worse is haunting me. a rapid heart beat is the reason to why i get panic attacks and i want to know ways to overcome that fear so i don't get any anymore. i always thing i have some heart problem even though i don't but this doubt of it stopping at any moment is scary. its so hard but im still trying.


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