Great weekend ......but

Ok so I have just got home from 3 days away with friends and horses riding in the mountain . I was so relaxed and starting to feel better . But when I'm about to get on my horse my heart beats so so fast . What I'm wanting to know is why . I'm not nervous to ride . And even when I'm riding it still beats quiet fast . Is this ok or should I get it checked out ? Is it just anxiety ?


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  • Yes, it's just anxiety. BUT...if this keeps happening you need to get it under control with medication because you can't live your life with adrenaline pumping through your veins, getting your heart beating too hard and too fast and your whole body in flight or fight mode.

  • BonnieSue so I can get something to stop that ? And thank you

  • Yes, you can get a prescription for an antidepressant that will keep the anxiety under control except possibly a little sometimes which you can learn a few ways to handle yourself. You are welcome!

  • Sorry I thought you meant something for just the racing heart ?

  • That's what I'm basically talking about. The cause of the racing heart is your anxiety. I doubt any doctor is going to give you a drug just for a racing heart without trying to figure out the cause and wanting to treat that cause.

  • They can actually. I'm taking a beta blocker for my racing heart (palpitations) I'm not depressed so didn't want to be on an antidepressant. I'm learning to deal with my anxiety through therapy.

  • Ok, good for you! Many medicines are used for off label purposes and there's nothing wrong with that. It simply means that they do more good than they were originally thought they could. In time, the off label purposes become known purposes of the drug.

  • It's for short term use. Once I learn, through therapy, how to manage my anxiety, I'll be able to come off of them. With my dr supervision of course.

  • Will def ask my dr about the beta blocker thanx

  • Do you think the beta blocker since stopping the racing heart can stop the anxiety too?

  • No, it does nothing for the mental part of anxiety.

  • my heart races all the time my pressure is up so high im worried 203 over 123 and some a little lower but not much now im getting like pins and needled in my arms and hands, what the heck is that?

  • See a doctor for your bp. It could all be caused by anxiety but it's best to be safe. I get the pins and needles as well. Oh, and the beta blocker will help with the high bp, but be aware that like with any meds, it has side effects.

  • Jodz yes there are beta blockers that can help with that. Talk to your dr and see what they say.

  • Cares179 thank you

  • Hello Jody x glad you had a good weekend x ou have come along way even to go away for the weekend x which you wouldn't of done a few weeks ago x well done x the heart racing x yes I still get them sometime when you least expect them x I've had them this weekend and I was with my family x no reason for it happening but it happens x but when you start to get them try to tell yourself to calm down, do a bit of breathing exercise x tell,yourself this is not gong to take over, you are in control x and its not going to ruined your fun time. Try to focus when this is happen x don't let it win x as I've said before not going to be easy x but it does get better and you try and control this x I've been feeling quite anxious this weekend and it's gone to my stomache area x on my left side of my stomache x why ? who knows x

    We just have to try take control of this x we have had all the test the doctor needs to sox so we no this is not going to kill us x we just need ourselves to control this the best way we can x but as I said x you have come a long way since a few weeks ago x so keep up the good work Jody x keep in touch with me x we all need each other x

  • Susannaylor sorry to hear your nor feeling the best , especially when family around . I didn't think I was going to go , but I said I need this break and bloody anxiety will not stop me . I did it . But yer I feel fine amd as soon as I start saddling up my heart racing goes mad . I was trying my hardest saying whatever race as hard as you want I don't care , but I didn't quiet win there . But I did still ride and had fun. The next day it wasn't as bad . Thank you again for your comforting , supportive words xx And hope your feeling better ? Xx

  • I'm on a beta blocker for my palpitations (that's what the dr called it) there's also natural ways you can reduce your racing heart. Could be a magnesium deficiency, so taking a mag supplement can help. Also bananas are natural beta blockers. Good luck! Ps. Meds aren't always the ONLY answer for anxiety. There's tons of natural ways to live with it.

  • Im wondering if the beta blocker since taking away the racing heart would do the same for the anxiety too?

  • No, it does nothing for the mental part of the anxiety, unfortunately.

  • Might give the bananas a go thanx

  • Yes I have started to have a banana every morning now x

  • prob cause you havent ridden in a while and you were a little nervus, thats normal will go away

  • Rip Pi I ride all the time but my heart goes mad every time , obviously my adrenaline gets up and then bam !! I totally love my horses and riding so go figure . I'm sick of trying to work it out .

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