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Anxiety with depression and nausea


Dr tells me i have anxiety making me nauseous. Gives me diazepam. Feel down and dont want to do anything. Tried to give me sertraline which made me very sick and terrible anxiety. Had to stop. What can i take ro help anxiety and nausea please. Having cbt but not much help.

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Hi I am the same feelihg sick feel as I can't do anything had the doc out yesterday and there trying me on stalaphram mabey u should go back and see if they can put u in something eles untill u find the right medication that works for u 🙂

Phenergan is good for the nausea but requires a prescription. You could try over the counter Dramamine just get the less drowsy kind. Also any ssri medication when first starting can give you side effects and most often increase your anxiety however you must give them time to work. It will normally take 4-6 weeks before you feel the benefits of the meds but the side effects may ease or disappear before this. Good luck!


Hi there, I had sertraline but just half a tablet to start with, then moved up to the full tablet. I was ok with it and it really helped me. You could try ginger tea which is good for nausea. Try some hypnotherapy apps for anxiety. Glenn Harold does some good ones and they are free. Also meditation is great if you can manage to get to a class.

I am so sorry you are suffering. Try another anti depressant. Everyone is different. It's a rough road to change but you can get relief. Maybe celebs or the sister drug lexepro. I had very few side effects with it. Do you work out? That helps so much. It's the best part of my day. The motivation is very difficult I know and changing meds is very challenging. I have changed with good results and most recently awful results. I wish you strength

Not celebs-celexa

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