Today was a good day for me until now . I slept good last night with no problems . I even drove today for the first time, even considered going back to work this week . Now that I'm sitting down , my head starts to hurt , eyes blurred , feel like I can't breathe , stomach hurt and feel funny, my ears feels full , sensitive to noise , my nose feel weird and had diarrhea this morning . What's going on now? I was doing perfectly fine today and now this want to mess with me . I just want to cry 😭

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  • mzemma01, just think of the positive things you did today...I am proud of you :) , everything else will come in time..just try and focus, maybe keep a little journal of your accomplishments, sometimes healing is better in baby steps..take care

  • At least you started out good. I don't know what would turn you in the other direction? Did you start to dwell on something you are worried about? Have you tried Tums extra strength for your stomach, or ginger gravol?

  • Yes of course . I started to feel like something was wrong because I was having a good day . Weird !!!!

  • had to ans. b4 shutting down...you are like me...it's always too good to be true.......butttttttt one of these days it's got to be true! take care

  • Hey there Mzemma01. Sometimes it's ok to cry!! Getting your frustrations out and getting mad as "you know what" just may help you. Celebrate the successes and try not to focus too much on the horrible symptoms. Try to recreate those successes everyday and make new ones. This anxiety thing is a journey. Not a fun one, but a journey. We're going to get through this together....one day at a time.

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