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Hi all, I'm new to this so here goes.

I have been suffering from health anxiety for the last two years now, started off by a pulled chest muscle ( told by my GP) ever since then I have had it in my head that something must be wrong. I was sent to Trent PTS and this helped me, I have most of the anxiety symptoms (pains,aches,tiredness,tingling in left arms). One thing I find my self doing is checking my heart rate and rubbing of my chest ( safety behaviour). For anyone that reads this and has the same problem I fully understand you.


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  • Hey there! I have always dealt with anxiety off and on over the years.. I am only 20 and I would say it started when I was about 17... I have always handled it pretty well and never took pills for it. Well over the last month I have had severe on going anxiety.. And its turned into health anxiety. I don't know what went so wrong I just lost my way. I wake up in a panic. I am now on ativan take as needed (twice a day). And it helps some what and other times I feel like it is pointless to even take. I get chest pains.. I also have inflamatiom in my stomach and acid from my anxiety. I get stomach pains.. Arm pains.. You name it i have probably had it. My doctors say its all my anxiety and even the people at the Er have told me the same thing.. Its not that I don't trust the doctors cause I have never had a reason not too but in my mind there is something wrong. I have convinced myself of that. Its a hard struggle every single day. I hope all is well.

  • Hi :)

    I have never taken pills for my anxiety I have just tried to ride it out and hope for the best but at the mo it beats me some days. I think the worst part for me is when I get a pain and I rub and pinch my skin. I tell my self this doesn't help the muscle recover, I have done this for the last two years so my left side of my chest is in pain quite a lot and now when I get pains I think it's my heart.

    thank you for replying to my post 😊

  • I could get any type of chest pain and I will think its my heart.. Even the i have been told several times that its not my heart. That its my anxiety. And I am always so tense with my back and ill grab my throat a lot at times and grind my teeth together real hard. I also have a lot of stomach issues due to the anxiety. I don't even feel safe anymore anywhere I go i get nervous and just wanna curl up and cry. And no problem!

  • How long does you're pain usually last for? I should really know better as last year I had a ECG scan last year and there was nothing wrong what so ever. My head goes to mush sometimes when out and about

  • Well honestly its been happening for a few days now. It doesnt really ever get worse (knock on wood) but idk they tell me its nothing serious they say its my anxiety.. Plus My mind plays a big role as well

  • I think the mind is the worst part thinking that something is going to happen and it never has happened ( and I pray it never does)

  • Well the thing with me is i focus on having anxiety. I focus on my breathing all day long.. I focus on every pain I feel in my body.. My mind doesn't stop. I look forward to going to bed at night that's how bad it is. My life is so much better at night because I know its almost time for bed and the day is over.. Sucks living like this

  • If I could sleep all day I would. But my mind doesn't stop

  • Tbf I think about my breathing quite a lot of the time also. If I am unable to take a deep breath sometimes I panic and can't get my breath back for a while. It's odd because I have got use to dealing with it but it's a nasty feeling.

  • It is a nasty feeling. Even when I'm in the shower I feel like I can't breathe

  • So of course before I get a shower I work myself up and then about half way through my shower I have to get out and calm down then get back in. Its awful. Exactly what I mean by I am afraid to live or even do anything

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