Flu-like symptoms

For about 2 weeks I have been experiencing flu-like symptoms but only at night. It starts off with a sudden hit of fatigue in the evening and then body aches get worse at night but never a fever. In the morning I feel fine again. I did a monospot test which came back negative a few weeks ago but I did have mono about 4 years ago. I'm tired of feeling like this all I want to do is lay in bed at night. I did go through a period of anxiety that started in september and I am still experiencing anxiety just not as worse as before its slowly creeping away. Has anyone experienced this before?

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  • I also want to add that I have felt dizzy these past 2 days as well

  • My anxiety causes me to have flu like symptoms it's horrible, I get dizzy spells aswell. It makes me scared as I have health anxiety and I over analyse things too much :( xx

  • I have health anxiety as well recently i'm scared the doctors are missing something not sure how anxiety can make your body have flu-like symptoms...

  • A doctor told me that it can I cannot remember why but he said that our brains are that powerful it can make us in pain/ poorly and not actually have anything wrong with us. I got rushed into a&e a few weeks ago with severe abdominal pain and they did a lot of tests what came back normal, I had a little bit of stomach ache that night and because I got anxious and started thinking something was up with me and the pain got worse, it's weird how our brains work xx

  • Thanks for your info I hope we can beat anxiety

  • Your welcome and I hope we can too, I keep thinking I'm going to die everyday it's horrible, my anxietys really extreme xx

  • Would be worth having blood test for B12, Vit D, Iron and get the results printed by receptionist and post on here, to be viewed in particular by Thyroid UK.

  • Okay thanks I will speak to my doctor

  • Hi Chey921, also ask to include thyroid profile in your blood tests. Also, join Thyroid UK or / and look at the postings to see if your symptoms compare.

  • Hi Chey921,

    I've experienced it before. It ws my anxiety. Just recently I went through this exact same thing. I'm still experiencing the nighttime fatigue. I pray everything goes well for you. Blessings to you!

  • Thanks Kenya hope all is well for you

  • have you been tested for Fibromyalgia? You have all the symptoms of it I have sever anxiety and depression and other stuff but also suffer with Fibro and it can really make you feel ill x

  • I have not. My doctor hasn't suspected it I will speak with him. Thank you

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