Good morning everyone. Well yesterday was a good of a day till i went and meet my new anxiety therapist, for some reason i got soo nervous and felt like couldn't be comfortable wit her at all i felt like i was gonna pass out.. she told she could see i was very nervous she told me it was ok and for me to relaxed. It took awhile but i got it together i dont understand why my nerves get soo bad around ppl now. I never use to be like dat....


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  • Hi Kia302017, Well first of all she is more than just your average person. She is the one you are going to open your life to. Your most inner thoughts and fears. Talking with a therapist can be scary because we must let our guard down if we chose to get the help we need. I would get a tension headache whenever I spoke with my therapist, and that was by phone. Use some breathing techniques when in a session, it will help some. Establishing a good open relationship with the therapist is important as well. You need to feel comfortable. With comfort will come relaxation. I think that is one of the reasons we may feel anxious when around others. We feel they are prejudging us because of our anxiety. We think of ourselves as different then they are. The more these thoughts go round and round the more anxious we become. Therapy will help you overcome these feelings.. Good Luck with your new therapist.

  • Thank you very much Agora1

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