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Loosing control

Lately my anxiety has been bad every pain I get I can't stop thinking about. At the moment I Have really cold feet and numbness/ pain in my leg now I have to worry about this and I have finals coming soon that I should be studying for but I can't concentrate because this is all I'm thinking about. I just want to break down and cry I can't take it anymore

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I also do this and it got so out of control that I started seeing a neurologist thinking somethings really wrong and the doctor said I'm making myself crazy by this OCD HEALTH ANXIETY. I question every feeling or pain. Try breathing relaxation methods, eat healthy, drink lots of water, exersize. It's hard to put your focus on school studies when your panicked, but if you refocus , it may take some burden off your worries. Get some rest😊🙏keep in touch


Thank you!!


Hello, been there done that. It's no way to live your life. I got so sick of the fear that I decided I was taking my life back and if the anxiety killed me so be it. I still had it but to a lesser degree and the more I ignored it the less power it had over me. I was afraid I was dying of something and all these symptoms were proof of that even though every test I had came back fine. The real problem is in your head. I had total lack of confidence and anxiety gave me the perfect excuse to do nothing, and of course I truly believed there was something wrong. So after my declaration to myself I started therapy, took a low dose of anti-depressant , and went to college. I was 36 and had 3 kids. The first year was hell. I had to force myself to sit through many classes , but as I said eventually it tapered off. I earned a degree in Fine Arts and taught for over 20 years. It was wonderful, I am retired now which is also wonderful, but I like to let people know that anxiety will not kill you. Some of the things I did to divert my attention from the anxiety was to drink water, slow my breathing ,pinch , myself, say the alphabet backwards . You'll find your own methods, and you will be just fine. Be fierce ! Pam


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