My memories don't feel "completely there"

Fairly quick post here. So a big thing with my anxiety/ panic, whatever the doctors want to call it, I've been having so mh trouble with my memory and *memories. I have the worst time with understanding the time around me and how much time has passed by. For example let's say a whole day went by and I work up, had breakfast, went to the gym, came home showered, and went out with friends etc. And then by night time I'm home and think about the day and what went on... all the memories and events that went on is hard to put together. Like "what did I eat again for breakfast?" ... "what time was the gym?"... sometimes I feel like something I did earlier in the day feels like I did it yesterday. My memory isn't sharp anymore. I can't look back on times in the past years, months, weeks and even days. Its physically and mentally hard for me to run you or anyone else through a day in ny life because my memories don't feel "readily available". That's the best way to describe it. Sorry if it's all scattered, I hope some of you can try and put together what I'm saying. The scary thing is, is that Im only 18.


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  • during the times you have anxiety and panic (like months) you are focused on that instead of the present moment, you would probably overthink at times during the day which will make you not aware of it as all of your attention is on your mind. i had the same thing too and its coming back since my anxiety is not so great at the moment. my memory is horrid at the moment but trust me it will get better if the anxiety drifts off. hope that helped Xx

  • That's the thing though I could have a really good day and not worry at all but in the back of my mind I always feel the same way 24 7 always in a fog. It's like it's permanent

  • would you still have other anxious things going on though? even though u might have a nice day troublesome things going on can still effect it.. how long did u have it for?

  • I've had this feeling of foggyness for over a year and a half. Every day in a fog, memory not where it use to be. Can't multitask nearly as good as I use to. I'm a zombie I feel. No matter where I go or what I do I don't get the same pleasure I use to... everything's just not as crystal clear like before. I get frustrated explain it because I can never out a finger on it

  • did you have bad anxiety this past year and a half and do you get enough sleep? you might be lacking some nutritious or vitamins , i suggest you go to the doctors for a check up

  • My daughters therapist explained to her that with her depression and anxiety the brain has no storage for memory it is overwhelmed by her A/D issue. In other words her inbox is full

  • Very good explanation and analogy. Much appreciated

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